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  1. As far as I'm concerned, Bruce's best concert. I've been waiting for it for years...
  2. What a shame you guys don't have anything to do at all....
  3. 1975-02-05 - Main Point Night (CC) https://mega.nz/folder/4xYF2ICC#4gQdFsZE85qNbDiQC7sQTg
  4. Yes, I have the video. I would need an IEM/Aud source to dub the original audio.
  5. Bruce's BEST concert! And that to call it a concert is reductive. I have spoken.
  6. 1992-06-25 - Frankfurt, Germany (hrubesh transfer) Thanks in advance.
  7. That would be perfect, but I have many doubts....
  8. 1999-09-15 - Philadelphia, PA, Backstreets Of Philadelphia https://mega.nz/folder/ZownkaYR#rNSbQry4Y3L7fy93EPE8VQ
  9. 1985-01-15 - Charlotte, NC - 'Perfect In '85' (E St Records) https://mega.nz/folder/I5Q1TCLS#PXCX9y7utHUWInF4hb_E4A
  10. If it is of interest. 1996-09-25 - Akron, OH - Tom Joad Blues (E. ST. Records) Tour debut of "Tom Joad" and "Shut Out The Light" https://mega.nz/folder/stJw3RxS#84Lqz4xoQRZfXR0B-Lhtlg
  11. Here it is... https://mega.nz/folder/wlhizDgR#c8TO2CIjK7PYMEk1hcLYxA
  12. 1999-06-11 - Stadio Luigi Ferraris, Genoa, Italy ? Thanks, I love you guys!
  13. 2003-10-04 - Shea Stadium, New York City, NY ? Thanks as always. I will know how to repay.
  14. 2007-10-02 Hartford...? Thanks in advance.
  15. 1985-01-24 Providence Civic Center, Providence, RI Thanks in advance.
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