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  1. Ghosts and Burnin' Train? A couple upbeat rockers that are different enough from each other to make both worthwhile? As has been suggested, Merry Christmas Baby over the goodbyes? I dearly love Letter to You, but it feels too long and too tailored lyrically to die-hard Bruce fans to work for SNL. I think they'll want to do their biggest, lets-pretend-we're-touring-the-album songs so they can have as much fun as possible. Ghosts in that first slot is gonna blow the doors off. They're gonna play like they just got let out of a cage. I am now way too excited for this, in case that's not
  2. I'm glad to hear people saying this, because I already feel like I can sing along with this one. Feels like the right song at the right time--delivered with enough empathy and insight to make it feel vital. And while I love it, I pray it turns out not to be part of the setlist if the band returns to the stage, because it no longer feels so relevant. But holy cow, what an album. Maybe the best start-to-finish album since BitUSA. In my opinion, it's odd that so few of the reunion-era albums have the rhythm of a live show, considering that building a narrative through songs is maybe the most
  3. I was hoping you folks could get in on a conversation I was having with someone recently. Imagine an optimistic scenario where COVID is declared over sometime in the next year or so, and we can go to concerts again. You've got your ticket to see Bruce. What song do you think would be the ideal opener for the first show back? How do you picture it? What best suits a moment like that? Sorry if this has been discussed at some point, but I couldn't find it, and I'm curious what people think.
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