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  1. but those 3rd down and 4th down conversion is amazing.everytime I watch him.he always connect.and Bills is no1 defense! 4/4 on 4th down.just .how?even brady can't do this shit.
  2. because defense can't stop them.It's not Mac Jones ' fault.he is very good underpresser ,and he's only a rookie.
  3. Just found out Tom Brady's man in the arena ep7.Tom Brady use Bruce Springsteen as an example for people doing things they love.
  4. 4/4 on 4th down. What a beast! MacJones. Patriots got their new qb!
  5. How is Mac Jones so good?always deliver on 3rd and 4th downs against the NO.1 defense. despite being behind and he seems not panic at all.
  6. Hope officals are better at post season.
  7. Let's go 2022!!!!! things gotta be better!!!
  8. anyone have Bruce Springsteen soundcheck collection? especially 1988 tour soundcheck. merry chrismas everybody!!!!
  9. 70s Born To Run 80s Born In The USA 90s The Ghost Of Tom Joad 00s The Rising 10s Land Of Hopes And Dreams(well,I knows it's actually written in 00) real10s We Can Take Care Of Our Own ....so ,what do you think?
  10. Mac Jones = Baby Man Patriots get what they deserved after last weeks fuckery,lmao
  11. I think 暴反 is 暴力反对机器(rage against machine)abbreviate。did you use translator on that article?I think it translate wrong.It should translate RAM guitarists。btw,bruce looks like bono in that pics .
  12. Well I got bored and typed 'born to run'in public access catalogue They really have them.It's quite unexpecting.
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