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  1. Well. Blood Brothers I always thought one line was If I lost the eye gained sight. Today I found out it's if I've lost or I've gained sight, Still pretty sad
  2. Well .Some people even try to get this song censored in China desipte there.are some comment point out that slur is used for irony . But most comments are like 'blruu. Who cares. He is antichina' jesus.those fucking sheep.what the fuck is going on in their heads.fuck all.of them.fucking no good ,simple minded.low iq son of bicth.
  3. Since I am chinese.today I use a chinese music app check out some commments about bruce' song born in the usa Some comments seems angry about yellow man line.they even try to start some mess .wtf is wrong with these people?
  4. I found out that chinese new years song WAS this Opening sounds like Badlands Better version is this link http://m.kuwo.cn/newh5app/play_detail/38604084?from=baidu
  5. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f_6ODpW0tzc Darkness on the Edge of Town Through The Years 1978-2020
  6. Well.I don't know which one it is but the intro of badlands sounds like one of the song people play in Chinese New Year here
  7. Last time they said boby keys have a cold. Now this again.damn it I still have hope Charlie is gonna play with them again
  8. Omg. I bet even Bruce can't get it all correct.
  9. The Stones will reissue Tattoo You Finally What a good choice
  10. Well.that pretty nice.Sure Bruce will see her win gold one day ,right.
  11. The TV here in China they mention Jessica is the daughter of America's Rock N' Roll God 美国摇滚上帝 Bruce Springsteen. I am so happy they knows Bruce.
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