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  1. man, watching MacJones makes me understand why so many people hate Brady.


    Belichick made this fucking rookie. it's all about runs and defense. if he wins rookie of the year. then fuck Mac Jones. fucking just hand it to runners. fucking defense carry this fucking rookie.

  2. 2 hours ago, brews said:

    Do you mean from the Vote For Change Tour?   If so, I know the Washington DC show was broadcast on TV so that would be soundboard audio.   There is also an IEM/ALD version of Cleveland.  Other than those shows, not sure that anything would qualify as soundboard.

    yeah do you have them,Id like to download.better in mega.nz.because in china lots of sounces are very hard to download

  3. Well. rooting against Patriots is fun,

    But they are a good team. they really might get to play off.

    Mac Jones is amazing. they about to win a lot with him


    and Patriots fans already turns on Josh McDaniels. :lol:thinks he should be gone.

    but they don't dare turn on BB

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