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  1. In my opinion. people should just know these are joke awards. no one should take them seriously. The Rolling Stones win their first Grammy in 1986 . and it's lifetime achievement award. lmfao....
  2. Bruce Springsteen (East Rutherford, August 5th, 1984) Backstreet This one have Official release. it's amazing!
  3. How the fuck I'm watching the game. when referee can decide it.? Wtf
  4. man, watching MacJones makes me understand why so many people hate Brady. Belichick made this fucking rookie. it's all about runs and defense. if he wins rookie of the year. then fuck Mac Jones. fucking just hand it to runners. fucking defense carry this fucking rookie.
  5. yeah do you have them,Id like to download.better in mega.nz.because in china lots of sounces are very hard to download
  6. Well I think for an album playlist. an album Songs better came from the same tour. only this way . You can hear it them without obvious vocal changes. sound quality changes
  7. Man I think referee really can decide who can win. What the fuck was that.
  8. Mac Jones the game manager. looks like early Tom Brady to me. Belichick is make this Patriots team winning again. this is amazing.
  9. Patriots is back to winning. OMG. Is Mac10 the real deal?
  10. What's wrong with Cheifs this season.they didn't have a good start.
  11. Haha.they talked about the rolling stones coming to tampa during tonights buccaneers games.haha
  12. Tattoo You is out. hope they can chart again.
  13. Omg. when does bills gets so good. They will run the AFC Edit: WTF. well I guess it's still Chiefs dynasty
  14. Looks like NFC are more competitive. They have 4 team 5-1 1 team 6-0 This is strange. Because NFCwere beat up by AFC in pre season.
  15. Well. rooting against Patriots is fun, But they are a good team. they really might get to play off. Mac Jones is amazing. they about to win a lot with him and Patriots fans already turns on Josh McDaniels. thinks he should be gone. but they don't dare turn on BB
  16. I'm sure they will beat Texans. Meanwhile let's root against Patriots . since you all hate them.
  17. Why he starts harassing him for no reason?
  18. Wow. AFC is really stacked . The next big thing Larma Jackson And Josh ' superior' Allen They are red hot now. too many good young qbs. so glad Tom Brady went to NFC if he stays in AFC he likely will get destroyed. playing every week try to out dule these young guys is very bad for his health
  19. The Stones still said they might release a new material album. Come on, man. we been hearing this for 10years and still waiting.
  20. What a master class defense by Belichick. But luck is on Tampa Bay side
  21. looks like NE can win this match Brady looks like he is afraid of Belichick .He overthrows so many balls tonight.
  22. yeah.but that's when you count season yards . when you count total yards .I think they should include post season .as all time records
  23. why NFL records normally don't include post season , WTF?
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