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  1. I think NFL have so many young good qb. right now. it's amazing.

    The baby goat Mahomes

    The next peyton manning :Trevor Lawrence

    Probably next Tom Brady : Mac Jones

    And no need to mention Dak Zac Josh so many greats in NFL right now


  2. 5 hours ago, Jimmy James said:

    OK, young Tenth' lets see how the season plays out now. It's confirmed Brady doesn't need Bill Belichick, but does Belichick need Tom Brady? 

    Belichick says, "you can call almost every play" the #Bucs run because it's so similar to what the #Patriots did with Brady.

    I am so hyped for this game.

    This is likeBB saying'I've made you. do you think I can't destroy you?'

    Master plan coming for Tom Brady this Sunday.

  3. Well. If everyone else draft Mac Jones. there won't be any hype. But because he draft by Patriots and looks like TB. under BB's guide. people are freaking out. talking about Mac Jones era. afraid BB will makes him next TB. that's how good BB is.

  4. 29 minutes ago, burghfan said:

    Maybe in New England people think BB is the greatest coach ever but I don't think that would be true in other parts of the country.

    Western PA - Chuck Knoll

    Texas - Tom Landry

    San Francisco - Bill Walsh

    Green Bay - Vince Lombardi

    Miami - Don Shula

    Washington DC - Joe Gibbs

    I don't recall any of the coaches I mentioned above being caught cheating like BB and his team were, multiple times.

    well.people hate BB TB and Patriots.

    Greenbay thinks Rogers goat.

    CA still thinks Montana goat.

    they know it but they won't admit it.

    BB have 8 rings for godsake

  5. 50 minutes ago, Jimmy James said:

    Tenth, a American Football fan!!!!! Who's your team, if you have one? Love to see American Football has taken hold in China! 

    well. this gonna upset you

    Probably it's where Tom Brady at. Tampa Bay Bucs. but today game. their looks bad. need a good beating.

    In China he is most famous and respect ed NFL player. and one of the most loved.

    And I love to see people defy age. It's the greatest thing in history.

    So yeah. Tampa Bay Bucs.

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