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  1. Another very good audio from 1973 1426969964_1973MaxsKansasCityNewYork013173.mp3
  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=orNY2J9vNmU 1342202678_1973WGOERadioAlphaStudiosRichmondVa31stMay1973.mp3
  3. Tenth Avenue Freeze Out Live 2000 Did Bruce at the songs end yell ' say meh somebody',? What does this mean?
  4. Really? They turn off the sound? I always can't find patti's guitar.even in the Western stars well in the Western stars I can't find bruce's guitar also.
  5. For me Before 2000 it's easy although 78 tour sometimes feel like only bruce is playing. After 2000 it's 3 guitar at once.it's kind of hard to distinguish who is playing which part.especially you when you got piano and organ going on
  6. I posted a new one later in this thread on the 2 reply .it's fixed sound one
  7. https://vimeo.com/156947207/description In case someone don't know. This not on youtube , this amzing detailed 41 years of thunder road. Audio is good and bad mixed but have graphics. Amazing job by video creator
  8. should be a the rising show coming right?.how long it have been.
  9. Basically include every full band tour performance expect 2014.because it's audio is not good enough. Can you recongize which part is which tour ?
  10. Somehow 99.08.12 audio is a mess..but they sounds fine indivially.maybe I should find another tool to mix them
  11. I made this Born To Run audio .40 years of Bruce singing One song
  12. I think we get comfiramation in that viedo.Bruce 's half time show gets.more tune in than the game.amazing.
  13. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=RBXWXcQvMxk At 7 mins mark. More people watch the half time show than the game. Someone really needs to add this in Bruce's Wiki page.
  14. Why few people like Tompa Brady? But so many people like Roger Federer? They both considered top players .they both play at very high level for quite long time. This is the first sport I know of which the most achieved is not the most loved by the fans.
  15. last time super bowl was in Raymond James Stadium Bruce Springsteen and E Street Band was in the half time show
  16. Bruce Springsteen The Rolling Stones U2 my music Holy Trinity
  17. I know why I misheard .because wendy is from born to run and mary is from thunder road.
  18. This is strange because some bruce youtube video have great remix sound . https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=4n1GT-VjjVs
  19. 2014 sound quilty on live bruce springsteen seems not good as previous years. Is there any show they remastered from 2014or2016 ?
  20. Probably he can play Sleepy Joe cafe just for fun
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