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  1. Thats pretty good staying on charts for 10weeks .hopefully can get a tour someday
  2. Tracks 2 and rereunion tour.hope surprise is Bruce decide to tour in china since there is no covid
  3. Wow that's just a intersting version. Why so many hate.it's alright to me
  4. I just finished the show on time.(I am in china)amazing.happy new year everyone.espeically during the last fews minutes to new year.I actually start worrying Bruce won't be able to get the count down right .and then it's new year.good bye 2020 happy 1981 Did bruce ever did any new year shows after this?
  5. I just today find out the river is 'No Wedding day smiles ' I always thought It's 'No Wendy smile '. I was like who the hell is Wendy ?It's really confusing Because the character is Marry And in Jersey girl .down the shore Everything is alright .I Misheared as down the show .well It's still fine
  6. Maybe Bruce can sing ghost in Acoustic version at concert .
  7. I been listen to bruce shows Somehow I love 00s,10s show more than 70s and early 80s. Maybe it's because bruce can play more songs since he has more albums come out. I love listen to a show with anticipation.because you don't know whats coming next.
  8. Yeah .I love it . I just brought another show with 25%off they arehaving onthe net.But It also says delivery ? What's that ? Also I messed up my address .It would only delive to my county instead of My house .What should I do
  9. Damn .I didn't notice this and I just brought a show .
  10. Damn the virus .We should have 2021 tour .So this is promo .
  11. 2014 sound quality is the worst . 2016 is meh . They really should remaster those .
  12. Since they counts streaming .It's gonna be harder to have No .1 in US .how is US sales just nearly doubles UK sales .you are five time the population and Bruce's hometown for God sake .
  13. 70s songs seems doing better . Maybe Bruce should keep covering unreleased tracks in future albums Personally I can't really enjoy If I Was the Priest and songs for orphans . Because I really don't know what it was talking about . What do you mean If your mother was a thief ?
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