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  1. 10 minutes ago, the highway is alive said:

    Streaming is the king of the US charts now, yet the vast majority of sales for Bruce this week will be pure album sales.

    He's projected to sell 80-85k, which I think is really good given Western Stars did 66k, and High Hopes did 99k nearly 7 years ago.

    He's doing a lot more promo for LTY - a big contrast from Western Stars, where he did zero. I don't blame him, he's probably bored in lockdown...

    Bruce could fart out an album made up of alternate takes of Queen Of The Supermarket and it would still go number 1 in the UK charts. 

    Yeah .hope next album he tour first .keep promoting .in the middle of the tour find a good date drop the album .So he can get a US  No .1 again .

    UK seems love 60.70s artists .even The Rolling Stones got a No .1 with a reissue album this year .

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