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  1. Anything on "wetransfer" becomes dead link on 7 days, on "mega" some links seem to work for about a month but not all.......... bit random sometimes
  2. Listened most of yesterday through a download, revisited this morning on cd with a decent set up, wow it really comes alive and is super sharp and clean, long live the cd
  3. If anyone has ever grabbed something from the "Bootleg Collectors Corner" it might be nice to say a small thank you here................!
  4. 30 years ago chasing shows involved a huge amount of work and normally included trading, today it's easy, but only because of the people who upload and share their collections for the love of spreading the music. I have no idea how to show the appreciation this warrants, other than to provide some meagre recognition by saying THANK YOU for everything you do, your generosity (including the time devotion) is overwhelming, you do a fantastic job xxx
  5. Not sure how we can share our appreciation to everyone who uploads, suffice to say huge Thanks and what would we do without you xx
  6. Morning all Not meaning to be a pain, but not sure if my request got lost in the flood somewhere, hehe 2013-07-23 Cardiff, Magical Atmosphere Thanks xx
  7. G'day to all you lovely wonderful people xx Looking for; 2013-07-23 Cardiff, Magical Atmosphere As always, huge thanks.............
  8. Going a bit soppy here, 23rd wedding anniversary, just woke the misses up with a cup of tea, custard cream and “When you need me” xx
  9. It's my life, good shout, I remember tracking this song down and u r right, it didn't disappoint
  10. You reminded me there of Piece de resistance another epic, think it came out not long after Winterland, but Winterland vividly sticks in my memories.
  11. And the rest is history.................... sounds like a physical memory this one!!
  12. Totally agree, the chase of the bootleg used to be so much fun, too easy now, but in a good way...........
  13. Hey dude, made my day that, Lost in the flood epicness, much appreciated, thanks for everything xx
  14. I remember this as if it was a few months ago; About 30 years ago I was an avid Springsteen concert collector, at the time cassettes were the thing and some of the quality wasn't that great! A friend of mine was raving about this new bootleg cd he'd got and kept on about going over to listen, on my way with a few beers in hand. Upon arrival, mate is jumping around in delight, gets me sat in prime position to listen, amp set to almost max, plays just one song on repeat, oh my days.............. the quality, the clarity, the performance, the guitar....... the shivers, the goose-pimples, the smiles, the laughter.... the wonder and amazement................. the cd - Live in the Promised Land (Great Dane Records), the song - Prove it all night, the memories - endless.................... (and I'm still getting some goose-pimples whilst writing this, wow)
  15. Noticed there was a big darkness request, any chance of; Wild Cathedral Evening JEMS/Flynn Date: 01 Sep 1978 Location: Masonic Temple Auditorium, Detroit, MI Couple of notables in here, Chimes of Freedom (Bruce used a lyric sheet) and Lost in the flood (solo piano!) Thanks in advance xx
  16. Hiya @mickb thanks for the uploads, sorry but DROC Vol 1 is showing the folder as empty.........
  17. Much appreciated, this will keep me going for today................
  18. Hiya, only just arrived.... where has this site been all of my life! Looking for a few things; How Nebraska was born Definitive River outtake collection Vol 1 and 2 30-9-2009 Giants Stadium East Rutherford Big thanks (this is THE WAY)
  19. Hiya, just arrived in here. Omg, was only researching 1/1/79 Final night of darkness yesterday, grateful for a link
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