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  1. Darkness tour - every single show was great (imo), just some were greater than others, lol Brucebase recording info as follows; Audience tape. Released on CD 'Darkness At The Heartbreak Hotel' and four songs are included as bonus tracks on 'Winterland Night' (Crystal Cat). CDR released in 2010 'Wild Cathedral Evening' (JEMS / Flynn) from the master cassettes - a considerable upgrade. Video footage of the first three songs also circulates - the end of "Good Rockin' Tonight", most of "Badlands", and the start of "Streets Of Fire". This film is probably recorded by a local news crew.
  2. Similar thoughts here, I found myself here about 8 months ago having been in the Bruce desert for quite a while, finding this rekindled my passion for Bruceboots, the thread became it's own community and the volume of sharing was unbelievable with some great laughs along the way, THANK YOU to every single person who shared something. The thread certainly helped through some dark lockdown days, of which there were many, and brought much enjoyment to life in general. Sadly all great things come to an end, long live BruceBoots wherever they are. take care everyone......... xx
  3. and sadly there is no one left to read these posts....................... please move along
  4. Now i come to think about, there is literally nothing to see here........................
  5. Drama u say - nothing to see here move along move along.............
  6. Cheers fella, this has been nagging a way for a while and just couldn't put my finger on it, finally dropped on it. Cardiff shows were both great, 2013 as you say.... wowwwwwwww
  7. Ye, really strange, the cd is official and I believe was released after the shows had taken place, would guess this was an original tour plan that didn't get updated...... Japanese items always seem to get some sort of extra, just thinking Nebraska - my father's house extended version..........
  8. @Twink huge river share requires HUGE thanks, THANK YOU xx
  9. unfortunately the only drive I will be doing is to work............... xx
  10. Only that I seem to remember seeing/reading about TOL show was scheduled for Cardiff but never happened, thought I was losing the plot as Google has nothing on this. An earlier thread/post responder confirmed there was a date provisionally scheduled (therefore not going mad), but i seem to remember seeing the date on vinyl/poster, finally remembered and as it turns out Japanese cd as posted above........ it sadly took until 2008 for Bruce to visit Cardiff......
  11. Library shut due to lockdown........ no online versions available for 1988 for South Wales Argus or Echo
  12. Ok, following up from a recent post regarding TOL Cardiff show, found what I was looking for, japanese CD with tour dates and Cardiff listed as 10 July, obviously didn't happen and was replaced with Sheffield night 2, thankfully I am not going mad....... 20 years later it finally did happen, Cardiff 2008 what a night.....xx
  13. And here we go, finally found it, back cover of TOL Japanese Cd listed tour dates, and guess what Cardiff 10 July is listed, obviously got replaced with Sheffield second night, I AM NOT GOING MAAAAAAAD;
  14. Fantastic, many thanks to both of you.... xx
  15. i like the sound of this train - sinners, losers, whores, gamblers, my type of place, full steam ahead let's ride... lol.... xx
  16. Box of ginger nuts wouldn't go amiss I bet.......
  17. Dim problem butty, we beat them easily; Now for dessert or is it pudding or afters.........
  18. is it because you have a mouthful of mountain fries ?
  19. A sprinkling of early Magic to get the weekend underway; 2007-09-28 East Rutherford,NJ [JB Tape] https://mega.nz/folder/MQxATDYJ#VAF-LUiu9ZWZb2eiqhffXw 2007-10-10 East Rutherford Short Walk Home Neo-EV2 https://mega.nz/folder/8Q4EHTSY#Ms7d6kcjc9Aex6ki6K62Cw 2007-10-26 Oakland Magic 2AUD Mix (Ev2) https://mega.nz/folder/BIogQTab#tUZZ1ifElHb_Pcl1fn3oRw Have a good one whatever u do...... xx
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