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  1. AON ? = All or nothing (at all)............... lol
  2. now these 8 were great; Johnny Bench (catcher), Tony Pérez (first base), Joe Morgan (second base), Dave Concepción (shortstop), Pete Rose (third base), Ken Griffey (right field), César Gerónimo (center field), and George Foster (left field)
  3. Bruce appeals to everyone in different ways, one persons junk is another persons treasure !
  4. A bit more from GOTJ, January in Japan..... 1997 https://mega.nz/folder/BcxDASiY#TRUdQ0zy67hTYdvqiHmCEQ Includes; 1997-01-27 Tokyo Japan (Straight Time) 1997-01-29 Tokyo Brothers Under The Bridges 1997-01-30 Tokyo 'Across the Border' (Amsterdam-silver rip) 1997-01-31 Tokyo 'Dry Lightning' (Amsterdam Records) 1997-01-31 Tokyo Night CC 424-25
  5. @Twink another super River share, thank you, thanks also to the gap fillers, much appreciated for the fantastic job u all do xx
  6. A couple of random "Duke" of Hazzards; 2012-04-03 East Rutherford NJ 'The Romp in the Swamp' (scoper-Duke Edit) https://mega.nz/folder/5EoWRJjR#RBN-Tre95dGmXmsPtFderg 2012-04-04 East Rutherford, NJ (Bakerstuff-Duke Edit) https://mega.nz/folder/lUpmgRKC#czcS5o3AWXdy6ftun50TTA
  7. just as long as you paid for them....!! DO NOT try this at home (or anywhere else !); https://recordsetter.com/world-record/drill-bit-drilled-into-the-nose/15584
  8. Good morning/afternoon/evening , another wonderful day is here - please make sure you all listen to a bit of bruce, turn it up loud and sing your troubles away and have a little smile (ideally 24 bit, but anything is good, even those mp3 things). found some 16bit if anyone interested; the above is limited edition 16bit silver acetate, comes with gatefold sleeve (not shown in picture), still sealed, bids starting at 200 brucebot coins............ xx
  9. Family scenes do not interrupt the listening of shows, the family scenes take place whilst still listening with one ear to the shows playing in the background..... come to think of it, this is why there are so many family scenes due to the fact one ear is always listening to a show.......
  10. geeez, if u think I'm leading the way we are in big trouble... all i know is there is a way... xx
  11. @chevy396 Am thinking it was in this link, complete May'78 from TillyWilly https://mega.nz/folder/jyQTSSaB#OLDkCMAZLsw80_PqIeAFFA just checked and it is still active........ xx
  12. Morning Sir Possibly one u r looking for; 2008-04-05 San Jose (calrust-Hoserama edit) https://mega.nz/folder/wIhzQC5D#vnMqPVQCnZ6p5Gh322rfkQ (this is as received)
  13. mis read - thought u wrote 2006 - no biggie - nothing to see here......... most definitely hehe xx
  14. 2016 ? someone remind what happened......... !
  15. and the river of love just keeps on flowing, great share, thank you, thank you, thank you xx
  16. G'day booters and hobbyists... One very small request, only one... 2002-11-14 Rupp Arena, Lexington KYKBMKeefer edit According to BB and Eddy's site this is the only version, no live links available in the thread. Thank you xx
  17. And what a great day it is, hope everyone is well, take care and stay safe xx Remember there is more to life than a few Springsteen boots (hmmm don't dwell on this point too much,....... hehe)
  18. I have only been part of GL community for about 6 months, wish I had found you about 10 years earlier, I am truly overwhelmed by the care and support which is forthcoming by the community, what a great place this is.... thoughts and prayers....xx
  19. Expedite shipping please, cost of course is borne by our valued customers...... Great deal for you, only 25 brucebootcoins xx Brucebootcoin is new currency, has replaced bitcoin
  20. Sorry sir, all sold out of those, but we do have 24bit (now this is the one you are looking for) available for a limited time and a bargain at 10 dataries (republic credits preferred), very cheap, very cheap, please forward credit card details with security code and address, we will send drone as soon as funds clear, a pleasure doing business with you, this is the way............
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