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  1. 30 Days Out (b-side of Leap of Faith) Lucky Man (b-side of Brilliant Disguise) Shut out the Light (b-side of Born in the USA) Roulette (b-side of Tunnel of Love) These are my 4 favourite b-sides ever
  2. An Excerpt From Bruce Springsteen And The Promise Of Rock ‘n’ Roll..... ….By the fall of 1991, Bruce Springsteen had been sitting on the pieces of his ninth studio album for almost a year and a half. “I still felt I needed another song,” he later recalled of this period, a thesis statement to sum up the album. Some reports suggest that the release of Bob Dylan’s Bootleg Series, Volumes 1–3 in late March of 1991, particularly the set’s final track, “Series of Dreams,” had pushed Springsteen even further to come up with a grand summing-up for this album. According to Springsteen, the song t
  3. Also I think he said in an interview that upon hearing 'Series of Dreams' from the 91 Dylan boxset, it sparked him to write the Lucky Town record.
  4. Still can't get Dylan's 'Series of Dreams' out of head for this track and that's a good thing. Also Long Walk Home guitar and 90's lyrics feel about it. It will make a great concert opener.
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