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  1. Anyone watched games last few weeks?
  2. Would be great to get a nice little community going!
  3. I seen this on a forum for another artist and works really well.. not sure how much interest there would be here If any one is having a spring clean or something and has items they no longer want.. they can be offered to other members of the community to either trade or as a freebie Most will want to sell I understand but it would be nice if anyone had anything to offer over time x
  4. That would bw gratefully received...
  5. I'd say all the drama here is saving you from having to suffer an hour of holby
  6. A bit late sorry... Prediction Super league League leaders: Saint Helens Grand final: Wigan Warriors Relegation: Leigh Centurions, Hull KR Championship Promoted: Featherstone, Toulouse Relegated: Whitehaven, Oldham League 1 Promoted: Workington Town (Hopefully!!) Barrow Raiders This is the place to discuss all things rugby league 2021!
  7. Out of interest.... is there a way to see if a reported post has been acknowledged and reviewed etc... just curios @CmonMrTrouble
  8. Hoping for some new old tracks soon! Nils will know more than any of us ....
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