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  1. Would be great to get a nice little community going!
  2. I seen this on a forum for another artist and works really well.. not sure how much interest there would be here If any one is having a spring clean or something and has items they no longer want.. they can be offered to other members of the community to either trade or as a freebie Most will want to sell I understand but it would be nice if anyone had anything to offer over time x
  3. I'd say all the drama here is saving you from having to suffer an hour of holby
  4. A bit late sorry... Prediction Super league League leaders: Saint Helens Grand final: Wigan Warriors Relegation: Leigh Centurions, Hull KR Championship Promoted: Featherstone, Toulouse Relegated: Whitehaven, Oldham League 1 Promoted: Workington Town (Hopefully!!) Barrow Raiders This is the place to discuss all things rugby league 2021!
  5. Out of interest.... is there a way to see if a reported post has been acknowledged and reviewed etc... just curios @CmonMrTrouble
  6. Hoping for some new old tracks soon! Nils will know more than any of us ....
  7. Does anyone know where we can find Springsteen fonts and templates? I'm looking for the lucky town era one (for a project I'm working on) as I have most others.. Any help appreciated
  8. Not too bad thanks for asking.. you? Stay a while, all the cool folk play here
  9. Completely agree Thanks to all who share and keep this place alive
  10. Anyone who calls it dinner (posh folk, typically southerners) aren't worth talking too.... Northern rules For legal purposes.. I don't discriminate against people who identify as .... shudders southern!
  11. Gabriel and Hackett were incredible, lamb lies down, selling England, and foxtrot are incredible albums, love Gabriel's solo career too. Saying that, I'm still a fan of genesis Collins era things too
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