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  1. With apologies to The Observer, I'm good with the full-band, rockin' out "performance."
  2. The Sleepy Joe setlist rocks out in the 1-9 slots, would be a fantastic start. I would then take an extended bathroom/beer run break. Of course if you swapped in a couple of the 70s songs from LTY (Orphans, Priest?),and maybe go with Incident instead of Drive All Night....now that would be an incredible setlist.
  3. I'll meet you part-way on this: yeah, it's amazing to get Incident-into-Rosie as part of the main set - I've been fortunate enough to catch it at the WIESS show and once more. But as a standalone, which it usually is, Rosie is a raucous rocker that, for me, works really well in the encore.
  4. WIESS is my favorite album, and this show was one of the best concert experiences I've ever had. They did such a fantastic job with the album. Yeah, going form NYCS to Sunny Day was going from the sublime to the ridiculous. But by that point it didn't really matter -- the WIESS performance was that good.
  5. Interesting, I'm the exact opposite. I started out preferring the studio versions, but now I listen almost exclusively to live stuff, I like the edge to it.
  6. My favorite song on LTY, and I much prefer the full band version -- the feel of triumph comes through better, and I prefer his singing on the LTY version as well. I do like how in the '05 version at one point he makes a small switch in the lyrics to "We'll hold the hounds at bay." But overall, if I'm fortunate enough to catch this one live on the next tour, I hope it's with the full band (which is my preference with most of his songs).
  7. The fantastic LTY trifecta of Priest-Orphans-Janey make this a one-horse race.
  8. Ha, I was in front of the stage, and the performance of WIESS, my favorite album, was sublime. You could see and feel how much care Bruce and the band put into the performance, and it paid off big time. At the end of NYCS, the look on Bruce's face said it all: he knew they had nailed it.
  9. I didn't get my vote in in time, but it would have been for Orphans. The triumph when Bruce sings "the confederacy's in my name now..." sets Orphans apart for me, though the other two 70s songs are outstanding as well.
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