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  1. Good evening BruceHistory! Happy to help. And in the future when requesting please write yy/mm/dd -- we are an international community and it is easier for the person sharing to find in their own collection. In other words make it easy for us to give. Thank you! FLAC only! Here: 1984-12-02 Baton Rouge LA - The Boss On The Bayou (CDR Trade) https://mega.nz/folder/DdpGST5C#s_WjLCHCKCOlIYOfh3--LQ 1984-10-29 Los Angeles CA (IvanF Transfer-JG Tape) https://mega.nz/folder/GBwmBB5T#rQh4LHJdl--jL5_b5oKwdw Enjoy!
  2. And you both beat me! and I don't mind ... this is the bestest space!
  3. We're embarking on a hobbyist adventure This Is The Way ...
  4. 1978-06-16 Kansas City Driving Down That Dusty Road (Godfather - Silvers) ping @mickb Thank you for sharing this with me sooooooo long ago ....
  5. Thanks for sharing the mathematics of it all
  6. Always good to have friends to share the fun/pain! -- hobbyists too!
  7. With Darkness taking the top spot I propose we share the entire tour .... EDIT: In the near future ... maybe some gems will surface
  8. I agree This Is The Way!! Always! Like @Twink wrote there is a tour for every mood and changes daily -- so This Is The Way what's your favourite tour?
  9. @thundercrack83 Please tell me what you are missing happy to up for you and thanks for the marvellous 1977!
  10. Good Afternoon Music Lovers! Following @Born To Rock -- BITUSA 1984! 1984-07-30 Detroit MI - Boss Town Medley (M&M Productions) https://mega.nz/folder/DJ4WXTxR#qNYgkn82Vc4CCAXq1cxh3w 1984-07-30 Detroit MI - Father & Sons (MarkP -Ev2) https://mega.nz/folder/7N4AGT4Q#unejQTNhFyP5LjrAspSDIA 1984-07-30 Detroit MI (MarkP Version) https://mega.nz/folder/eN4yQZwA#-A6D8o7LEvwkfOxRndigiw 1984-07-31 Detroit MI - No Used Cars In Motor City (Piggham Records) https://mega.nz/folder/6NpgmbgS#mwYTWCV-nG-Cyy5wRxt-bQ 1984-07-31 Detroit MI - They Can't H
  11. Twink -- same question please: What tour is your favourite? And thanks for sharing!
  12. Thank you!!! What a wonderful sight to wake to! And LOL!! -- I was just about to ask you what direction you might head today so I can follow your lead. And since I have you -- BTR what tour is your favourite?
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