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  1. Thank you for sharing with me. I appreciate it.
  2. Thank you @Born To Rock -- as usual you rock!
  3. Good Afternoon Music Lovers, Collectors, Addicts ... maybe Hobbyists .... I was not planning on continuing my semi-daily random shares and ... at the urging I am today. Today's share is from 1985 Born In The USA Tour - 1st Night in Rotterdam! 1985-06-12 Rotterdam, The Netherlands - (Hans de Vente Master-hrubesh Edit) https://mega.nz/folder/q2gzUYjb#SKpRCogLceCSCnDDF-VcSQ 1985-06-12 Rotterdam, The Netherlands - Rockin' the Lowlands-Rotterdam (Star) https://mega.nz/folder/XmoFnShK#TPbWUreMHkC70D7gw7ppvQ 1985-06-12 Rotterdam, The Netherlands - Rocks The Lowlands
  4. Thank you!! Again just awesome @Twink and as always hoping to be able to add! Hold Please! So happy to share with you and add to the River Tour: 1981-02-20 Hollywood, FL - Moon Over Miami (Earlmv) https://mega.nz/folder/Hj5kEIzT#f-hg7PevJubr_8ViD6C-vA Enjoy!!
  5. Good morning -- I just spent the past hour writing to you! Thanks for your post. EDIT: And will you (and other Moderators) be responsible for the 'Official' released post?
  6. Beautifully written Cowboy -- mirrors my thoughts too! Thanks Thanks Thanks! @JimCT
  7. Awesome! Thank you so much Jim & Stefano!! -- what a marvellous treat to wake up to! First in queue after coffee .... so excited: my favourite taper & the most excellent best Mr Awesome Ripper.
  8. Me too Mondays & Fridays EDIT: Wish I could add Wednesdays too!
  9. You're welcome! Come back soon! Best. Sunshine
  10. Here: Asbury Park 2000 Christmas shows! https://mega.nz/folder/DqgCmaKJ#00MQM8AweXdgtez2hHtEBg Enjoy!! FYI -- upload contains 11 shows! @judyg
  11. Good Afternoon JudyG! I can upload! Hold Please.
  12. Good Afternoon MichaelU! Thanks and no worries -- I just did!
  13. Good Afternoon Allsetcobrajet! Here: 2000-06-15 Madison Square Garden - Uber Series #37: I'll Show You Some Controversy (IEM/Aud Mix) https://mega.nz/folder/ejwADYyY#EvDTmJlSL1uHF4daZhrTAw Enjoy!!
  14. Thank you so much M!! And many thanks to The Great One!
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