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  1. Good Afternoon Foreveryoung! I'm positive @Twink posted this show when she shared the tour! Her links are still active.
  2. Makes your post even funnier coming from an Canadian!!! -- ROTFLMAO!!!
  3. Once again @Twink a fabulous awesome share! Thank you! Adding: 1980-11-30 Pittsburgh, PA - Rockin' The Rivers For You https://mega.nz/folder/biAF1KQY#6VRemL8YKO_UFSumpU57Vg Enjoy!!
  4. Good Afternoon Music Loves, Collectors, Hobbyists and Bloody Addicts -- one and all! After discussions 'we' - The Gang of 8 - have revised our rules to play, once more. Boot-Sharing Rules: 1. No sharing of any Officially released material of any kind. 2. No sharing of boots with the same date as an official release. 3. Before requesting a share, please check it's ok : http://brucebase.wikidot.com/stats:discography 4. When making requests, please use date format: CCYY-MM-DD, this makes it easy for everyone to search for previous requests. Please note Rules #1 & 2 are from The Moderators of GL and left in our hands to enforce. Our wonderful space The Bootleg Corner was & is being sabotaged and has shut down twice. We worked with The Moderators and sorted the mess ... the drama created a wariness and we started the 'Share first' with newbies, believing it was an extra layer of protection. Today we decided that we will suspend this rule, allowing newbies to request and then to share. This awesome bootleg sharing board welcomes everyone! Your participation ensures the continuous life, gives back to the community and makes it a fabulous experience for all! Best. Sunshine & The Gang of 8
  5. Good Afternoon Martin and Welcome to our sharing board! I have used dbpoweramp. Hope that helps. Best. Sunshine
  6. Does this mean you are following @Estreet_19 and me over there?
  7. Ohh then don't waste an 'ask' -- I saw it on BB this morning -- after I posted the official show!
  8. One last comment: Harrison was a beast -- and you dissed that beast who then was MY BEAST! And if memory is correct he was a monster for us in that game against you .....
  9. Well now that I am aware of a wonderful spot to craic about American football - I shall return when I am current in what's happening ... Thanks @Jimmy James for coming to get me!
  10. OK -- no worries just as easy to remove!!
  11. I also had it but before anyone knew what it was: end of November 2019. It was 8 days of feeling like a mack truck hit me, high fever, chills, SOB, cough .... I was not well for months. And because -- as you know from the Bootlegs I love to share -- so I was able to trace it to 26 people and back 3 ....
  12. Yes -- a good one to see! My only hope for sports - all sports this season: Covid Free. It is my belief that last year many players were on the field too early after having Covid .... and my hope is that those who made that choice are well now. When Von Miller was interviewed he spoke of lingering effects and worries he would not be able to come back from them. EDIT: And he said this months after having Covid.
  13. Oh that's right! - but you believed Big Ben was taking you to the Big Game last year too, right?
  14. Maybe when Mean Joe Green played -- but surely you are much more grounded in reality!
  15. Who knew?? (you know whom I'm mimicking?!) And OMG!!! My two hobbies in the same site!!
  16. I shall include this awesome place on my rounds! Lots of Patriots haters? Or Admirers? Or Lovers? I just want a heads up to what crazy I'm about to plunge into!
  17. Oops a bit blonde -- missed the invite to football board! -- How do I get there? I can smack talk football all day and night I have brothers!!!! -- UGH! LOL!
  18. I was happy to see Andrew Luck play in college -- he was awesome until all the injuries and very smart to walk away! I have always admired him.
  19. EDIT: Oops your team left for better weather! @Jimmy James
  20. That's my team baby!!! EDIT: You may post yours!
  21. Forgot to write: Good Evening & wonderful to read you!
  22. Uh Oh -- that means -- well you know what that means -- LOL!! @mickb -- any interest in asking pleading cajoling The Great One? LOL!!! - you're a brave soul after all!
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