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  1. LOL!!! -- always better to have more than less, right? And I leave the links active for months! EDIT: @Born To Rock - any chance you have this?
  2. Awesome!!! - and I posted 1996-05-01 Brussels (zimmy21)! Do you have same date (CDR)?
  3. Good Afternoon Music Lovers, Collectors, Hobbyists and Bloody Addicts - one and all! Struggled choosing today ... which should be obvious since I knew the show I posted was soooo good that of course it was Official! 2nd attempt! 1996-04-30 Strasbourg, France - Strasburgo '96 (CDR) https://mega.nz/folder/6iRV0QKK#bU5fSS5MTO5mWhsGIab0Dw 1996-05-01 Brussels, Belgium (zimmy21 Version) https://mega.nz/folder/K6IBCCiI#OgFpqXQpp2xj2kSyoIy9fQ Enjoy!! And I am looking for: 1996-05-01 Brussels, Belgium - Bruxelles '96 (CDR) Thanks in advance!! LONG LIVE GREAT MUSIC!!!
  4. Good Afternoon Music Lovers, Collectors, Hobbyists and Bloody Addicts - one and all! Struggled choosing today ... LOL!! - should have checked BB prior to posting! Hold Please!
  5. Good morning SamEJay! Sorry about the 'comp' idea not working here. And I encourage you to just pick any show you love -- tell us about the show for you and it doesn't matter what the is format just mark it properly. The game is only about sharing ... the more shows posted the stronger and more enriched our community is! Enjoy your day! Best. Sunshine
  6. Agree with @Estreet_19 - this is a lot of hard work: sorting, identifying and deleting dups! Thank you @Twink - always and for everything!
  7. Good Afternoon @Twink! Awesome upload! Sadly I have nothing to add ... and thank you for Oaklands! - I didn't know I needed until I needed!!! -- LOL!!!
  8. Good Afternoon Music Lovers, Collectors, Hobbyists and Bloody Addicts! While @Twink is working on posting the next days of The River tour - I'm sharing a night from 1996! 1996-01-07 Montreal, QC, Canada (Bosstrade) (CDR) https://mega.nz/folder/DjAxlY7J#nzym67j4Kg8HbpRPz0g8rg 1996-01-07 Montreal,QC, Canada (stevent Master) https://mega.nz/folder/ujRR2SpK#TW7fv5p_7VfJSFYYo2cNTg 1996-01-07 Montreal, QC, Canada - Across The Border (partial) (Montserrat Records) https://mega.nz/folder/n3QVEQJQ#klxdiRYjzfIKsZaskHmXew Enjoy!! LONG LIVE GREAT MUSIC!!!! For our Canadian friend @allsetcobrajet who is terribly busy working!
  9. Good afternoon Point Blank! Thank you so much for sharing!! All sharing is appreciated and it keeps the game going! We are in the process of posting the complete The River tour,, just like we did for The Darkness Tour -- all versions for each date .... @Twink is posting with everyone filling in what is missing. Please wait to post from this tour. Thank you! Best. Sunshine
  10. @thundercrack83 My last thoughts: It may not have crossed your mind, we may be basing and enforcing these rules on events you know nothing about. While we choose to go by a certain set of agreed upon rules there is no control over what you choose to do. I agree that we disagree ... this does not designate you a piranha. I am more offended that you steal @Twink the thunder and disrupt our journey by posting shows from the very tour we are collectively sharing ... when I asked you previously - not two weeks ago, please do not post shows from that tour. OK -- I'm finished and thank you.
  11. Curious ... why this position today? - when you've read many times and by many different people: our introduction post. I believe generosity of spirit and sharing is the foundation this board sits on .... I know I have extended this to you.
  12. Obviously I disagree - as do most of us - US being the ones who are sharing their large collection. That 'introduction paragraph' that has been written many times over the past months ... and I will continue to explain to newbies to post first before I invest in their demand list.
  13. Hello Cowboy -- as always so wonderful to read you! And thank you for being so bloody awesome classy! Thank you for your fabulous share and so happy you are up to speed!
  14. @thundercrack83!!!! SMACK!!! Seriously - what part of asking newbies to share first did you misunderstand? @chevy396 stated our position very clearly. EDIT: AND why would you anything from The River Tour when @Twink is so awesomely sharing???
  15. I am a rebellious follower by nurture ... nature is something else entirely!
  16. Thanks!! I can always count on you to show and lead The Way forward ... because This Is The Way
  17. Good Afternoon Music Lovers, Collectors, Hobbyists and Bloody Addicts, one and all! It has been very quiet here these last few weeks. Hope everyone is well ... Sharing Opening Night of the Working On A Dream Tour! 2009-04-01 HP Pavilion at San Jose, CA (MarkP Version) https://mega.nz/folder/KuhhkaQD#Td8UOHIXJv0x96h3ScEM8Q 2009-04-01 HP Pavilion at San Jose, CA (Wilson66 Version) https://mega.nz/folder/D7hBAYBT#0p-WG6ZG9IEcnl3qNboRhA 2009-04-01 HP Pavilion at San Jose, CA (Wilson66-Neo Edit) https://mega.nz/folder/euxlzIqA#SNXe8S9TKX5LbZ3fUHgxSQ Enjoy!! LONG LIVE GREAT MUSIC!!! And you know the drill - please share! Thank you!
  18. Good Afternoon @chevy396 Here: 1978-05-31 - Music Hall, Boston, MA (Early Darkness) (Masterpiece). https://mega.nz/folder/uuxhWSRB#2-_JHs4lLqnHGju6z-EE5g Enjoy!!
  19. Good Afternoon Chevy! I can share this with you -- and didn't @Twink share this when we did Darkness Tour?
  20. We totally missed you @Breakaway! You're a breath of fresh air and laughter after recent drama! Thank you for bringing the spring!
  21. No - you bloody are along for the whole ride! Make the popcorn and bring it along I like it too!
  22. Yeah ... that's just not going to happen -- We are your mates, fellow journeyers ... we are happy to travel down the road with you!
  23. Good Afternoon @Twink ! This show was used for Official Live 1975-85 Box Set, FYI.
  24. @Breakaway LOL!! -- in that case just cheese for me!
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