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  1. Reads marvellous! Cold and warm food! -- great combination. Yesterday sunny and a bit warmer ... we are experiencing the coolest winter!
  2. Good Morning Jerseyboy! Wonderful to read you! -- and I see you have studied while in the corner! --LOL!!! Welcome back! I missed you
  3. Good Evening Thundercrack! Uploading now! Hold Please! 1996-11-25 Asbury Park, NJ (carlettone Transfer) https://mega.nz/folder/jvZRhaIb#jw3paL3eH8sJ0TFlQIrGVQ Enjoy!!
  4. Awesome @Twink Uploading 2 shows now! Hold Please! 1980-10-13 St. Paul MN 'Who Needs a River When You Have 10,000 Lakes' (MM-RF Version) (Buckshot) https://mega.nz/folder/qzZ1mC7L#RSkHSkgKRS-ijN5c8-yxXw 1980-10-20 Denver CO - Rocky Mountain River (Unknown Tape Transfer) https://mega.nz/folder/O7IDCAxY#6jqDa0ScvVQ-cHlJJKsjtQ Enjoy!! Love this game!!
  5. Of course we are!! LOL!! And we're getting geared up for the next leg of our journey with @Twink down to The River
  6. Good evening ESN! Here and Enjoy! 2000-03-18 Pyramid Arena, Memphis, TN - Follow That Dream (FTP) https://mega.nz/folder/fjYmnbTK#a323eQlSGOfhZRNPfFBNEQ 2000-03-18 Pyramid Arena, Memphis, TN - The Steve Job Master Series (Steve Job-Lucifier Burn Transfer) https://mega.nz/folder/vmIyFRqQ#3ME58QQwIJyhhKhDXOe-qA 2005-08-10 Theater Of The Clouds, Portland, OR (CB Master DAT) https://mega.nz/folder/v2REwb4L#a-5iWvOH-idMjaOPZV990w 2005-08-10 Theater Of The Clouds, Portland, OR (Producer Version) (IEM-AUD Matrix) https://mega.nz/folder/G7BQXJ6K#tlS4q9Kg-NOFezlfYX1t2g OK that's it for me! -- too much drama .... Happy to be back! And to all a Good Night!
  7. Time to listen to Springsteen and the wonderfully boisterous Italian Chorus! 2007-11-28 DatchForum Milano Italy - Milano Magic Night (Crystal Cat) The whole show -- singing loudly!
  8. Moving on ... Back to Flynn! Love Tears and Mystery Compilation 2005 Awesome!
  9. Liam I have also notified the Mods that the link is here too! You created unnecessary drama at Bootleg Corner! By time you read this everyone will have blocked you. Your blatant attempt to get the Bootleg Corner shut down deems your behaviour despicable! And I believe your choice of behaviours should get you banned!
  10. Liam this is NOT about BruceInc -- this is totally 100% about the rules here ... please I am asking for the final time dismantle the link or I will contact JoanFontaine to do so and explain that you refused to comply. I cannot have you jeopardize my fun great safe space!
  11. Liam -- why create drama when it is unnecessary? Our rules must stand for this thread -- please comply.
  12. And please take link down from this thread. Apologies -- but let's follow the rules for Bootleg Corner. Thank you!
  13. Oh Liam it is my fault entirely. Please delete the link from this thread but add it can be downloaded from your main thread ... Again apologies and well done!
  14. Merde!! My fault!! I loved it so much I asked Liam to post -- so sorry it was not intentional to break rules!
  15. Liam would mind re-posting a piece of this at Bootleg Corner? -- So many would love your creation but do not leave our thread often .... link too Please.
  16. @burgessliam22 The Springsteen Fatherhood Saga Wonderful & thoughtful .... great choices of live version of each song! (downloaded from The Springsteen Fatherhood Saga thread!) Bravo Liam! & thank you!
  17. OK playing now -- and Liam a wonderful thoughtful post - again thank you! I am rereading it as I listen.
  18. Downloading now (I all ready know I will love it!) and will post any comments. Quick question why not create as FLAC?
  19. Good Afternoon Liam! Your words mirror my own thoughts! And thank you ...
  20. I missed your post too! We think the same! Wonderful! And Good afternoon!
  21. Good Afternoon Monkinmotion! Yes -- and it is Lossy and Uploading Now! - Hold Please. 2006-10-24 Barcelona, Spain (Bitusa Version MD) (Lossy) https://mega.nz/folder/qmY21JaS#9DUrm9yRhtmLq6hpbJp2ig Enjoy!
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