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  1. Here it is: 1988-09-08 Turin Dolphinsmile Archive https://mega.nz/folder/SuwmlaZA#dD3cBGwE_VQ1RQmNHF7blg Enjoy! If anyone has a listen please post thoughts. I'm very immersed in 2007-2008 Magic
  2. Here it is: 1988-09-21 Memorial Coliseum Los Angeles Millard 1st Gen via JEMS https://mega.nz/folder/mypUWQyK#1xSWECLODq8lrkdbaSBVsQ And I will also upload 1988 Turin Dolphinsmile, just in case. Enjoy!
  3. Great -- I'll upload it -- I'm kind new so hang with me please. I listened to this version a few weeks ago and enjoyed it. Hope you do too.
  4. Good afternoon Born To Rock -- a quick question: I have the 1988 Turin concert Dolphinsmile. Any input on which one is better sound?
  5. Good afternoon RamiroArgentina -- it's not on your list but I have the: 1988-09-21 Mike Millard 1 gen via JEMS 2015 Release
  6. Good very late evening Born To Rock -- I came across an older share of yours and would you please repost sometime in the future for me? No hurry -- I am feasting on earlier uploads. Thanks in advance!
  7. Just a shout out: Thank you! I'm loving listening to all my new music! Especially 2008 Milwaukee WI. It is exceptional and I can see why Flynn chose so many tracks from this concert for his 2008 compilation. And thank you Twink for keeping the link alive -- I downloaded the two 1999 Manchester concerts and forwarded them to my brother who was there.
  8. Good afternoon. Uploading 1984-10-15 Vancouver now. https://mega.nz/folder/3u5wUBLJ#wmlfbqEMqf_OeQ5MqkBUZg Enjoy!
  9. Here it is: 2012 Zurich Switzerland zimmy21 recording https://mega.nz/folder/zigyySbA#fEQUrdpBQ0jfVT1jHKbODA Sorry I can seem to get the link active. OH it just did! - LOL!
  10. Hi ... if someone could tell me how to create a valid link from mega (uploaded 2012 Zurich) but am not too clear on clipboard and where it is .... Thanks! -- my first time guys.
  11. Hi -- I can upload 2012 Zurich Switzerland -- give me a moment to figure it out please.
  12. Thanks so much! When I'm not working I treasure the moments I can escape into awesome music. Enjoy your evening!
  13. Good afternoon music lovers! Hoping someone can share: 2008-03-17 Milwaukee MI 2008-07-11 Helsinki Finland 2008-07-27 East Rutherford NJ Thanks so much in advance!
  14. Good afternoon, Aido. In my Internet searches yesterday I came across an MP3 recording of the Pre-Show by Anthony1, whom I surmise is one of the main tapers in Ireland. If you are interested I am happy to share the info and the MP3 -- I went back and just downloaded it. It's recorded King's Hall 2013-07-20, 5 songs and the info file says he had catastrophic equipment failure. Regards.
  15. Thank you so much for the two concerts and for your patience. I've given thought to the Flynn Comps and why I love them so much. My life is hectic and time seems to be in short supply: work, teaching and school are demanding. I appreciate all the effort, time and passion Flynn puts into each comp. And I love the tracks he chooses! It's similar to eating a perfectly prepared gourmet meal that I don't have to prepare or cook -- just eat and enjoy. Thanks for the web site referral. Respectfully.
  16. Good evening -- again! Thank you -- I've got it! OK so I did investigate The People Have Spoken 2008 Flynn compilation and found 6 songs that are officially released -- UGH! And did I read prior the cut off is 5? -- or was that just random and not a hard rule? And no worries if this is against the policy. After some more thought I can duplicate Flynn's fabulous collection and I purchased the 3 cds in question. Thanks for your patience! And can you please share: 2002-10-20 Velodrom Berlin 2003-06-22 Gothenburg Sweden Down In The Gothenburg Social Graces Thanks!
  17. Good evening. Apologies -- I did not mean to add to the 'Compilations' drama. Thank you for the page references. After perusing duckduckgo for Flynn's list, which I did find on Stone Pony London website, I am at a loss where to find the set lists and an easy way -- or any way for that matter -- to figure out which songs are now official releases. Any suggestions, please? I am so appreciative for the great music and do not want to piss anyone off, contribute to any drama -- under the circumstances there is so much of it in the world and in day to day life -- and jeopardize this message board's awesomeness. And MickB thanksI didn't know about the Flynn 2008 and before I ask you to share I want to take all the responsibility .... Respectfully.
  18. Good evening I'm looking for: 2000-05-07 Civic Center Hartford CT Turn Up The Heat IEM / AUD Flynn 2009-05-23 East Rutherford NJ So Glad To Be Home IEM / AUD Ev2 The 2007 Magic Tour Compilation (Flynn) (2007) Thank you so much in advance!
  19. Good afternoon. WOW! -- what an awesome 'board'. The spirit of generosity is amazing. I love the joy that comes across through written words, the sheer happiness to share their collection and I am grateful. I was three years old when I went to my first concert: my brother was babysitting, got invited and took us all with him and his date. Like most collectors I started with the concerts I attended, then the most incredible performances, to amassing quite the collection. Yes I am guilty of raiding all of my older brothers collections without remorse. I volunteer at the Veteran's hospital and have for many years. About 10-12 years ago I donated my entire collection of movies and concerts -- since the files were on portable hard drive I could burn them again at my pleasure .... and of course when I went to do just that the drive died -- UGH!!! I have cruised this thread and downloaded from the active links -- feeling so much gratitude. Thank you. Thank you Bruce Springsteen! -- your words mirror my heart and soul. Thank you tapers -- you have uniquely captured a moment time and invested so much in perfecting your craft. Thank you to all the sharers -- you are incredible individually and wow as a group so special. Thank you to everyone who participates in creating this very cool hang out. Respectfully.
  20. Thank you so much -- great advice will try again. XX Wonderful -- and it seems that Disc 1 Track 14 Working On The Highway is damaged. If possible, can it be uploaded again?
  21. Hello! What an awesome site! Thank you all the taper and uploaders -- for preserving moments long passed for so many to experience and enjoy over and over. I feel so lucky: I have been searching for Tramps Like Us since 2012 and downloaded it just now. The other show was London 2007-12-19 London Magic Night and have been unsuccessful: I can't seem to download more than 76%. Any suggestions? I've attempted 5 times. Thank you in advance.
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