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  1. May i please say Im sorry to Sunshine I made a mistake on the Joe Ely So I now know what to do IE Flac or Mp3 Date IE 2012 07 24 And any other information Ill be very honest I dont have many shows to post but Ill know now
  2. If anyone wants this Joe Ely Natiomal Stadium Dublin 29th May 1993 With Bruce Springsteen. http://www.filefactory.com/share/fi:1xd0jg1egj3w,fi:414616vh6qdw,fi:1w9fkiwzz6wm,fi:1fuqoctgfx1u,fi:2vtcxfa0sw5k,fi:64wp9chczaby,fi:w6s92iqj0ac,fi:6cklqefyhlcy,fi:2i689l6fet22
  3. Hi Sunshine. Of course i would kindly share anything I have I just would never share anything without asking permission form the person who posted it on another site ie if you were to post something here I would ask you if it was ok to post on another site .
  4. I do indeed Ive posted shows on other sites and seen them end up their Ive no problem with it but do if they take credit for it.
  5. Hi all I just saw that Bruces apperience at Joe Elys show in Dublin 1993 is on Guitars 101 as its not my post i wont post it here just tought id let you all know
  6. Hi looking for a copy of. London 30,05.08 Isle of Wight 24.06.12 Thanks Aido.
  7. Thanks Sunshine that would be great no rush
  8. Hi looking for a copy of Belfast 20.07.13 Hard drive crashed and I lost it. Thanks.
  9. Thanks Sunshine I thankfully got the copy as posted above
  10. Thanks again for this sadly its not the full show but its nice to have
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