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  1. Thanks @Sean McNeill. Any particular releases (dates/venues) you have in mind, as that may help us to immediately add these versions to our playlist? RTB from Boston 2007 and Devils & Dust from the recent St Paul 12Nov2012, I suppose?
  2. Which individual song(s) from the Archives do you really enjoy listening to because this particular rendition is truly special AND different from the studio / regular version? The ones for which you don’t hesitate buying the entire show for this song alone? (e.g rare acoustic version, only full-band version, haunting bullet-mic version... etc) Although somewhat similar to the ‘What are you listening to’ and ‘Song of the day’ threads, i hope your suggestions will help me and other fans to (re)discover some hidden gems in the ever-growing archive series and learn something about these songs while we are at it... There just doesn’t seem to be enough hours in the day to listen to all the great shows we have been offered in the last few years :-)
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