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  1. This could be anything from 1975 until around 2000?
  2. I guess we shouldn't be expecting anything this friday?
  3. Can anyone tell me where I can download/buy the DVD online and receive it as a file? Same thing with audio..
  4. I suppose we shouldn't expect a release on Friday, or should we?
  5. Looks like they really don't want to release anything until No Nukes. Assuring our money will head towards that release only. Quite disappointing from (team) Bruce.
  6. What does this even mean? So no release this month?
  7. True.. but they added they would let know as soon when/if they received info.
  8. No clue/hint from Backstreets. They said they would let know there'll be a release as soon as they got told. Since they always do this 1/2 days before Friday, I guess we can expect nothing again..
  9. Backstreets would give an update if/when they found out there will be release. But, nothing yet..
  10. I know we just got one 2 months ago so it's extremely unlikely, but I really wish we would get more shows from 2012/13. Love them the most. The variety in the tracklist, the horns, bruce in such a great mood, my favorite tour.
  11. Exactly, I agree. We used to always be able to count on a new release every first Friday. Now you already kinda know it's not gonna happen with every new month.
  12. The Sherry Darling video is released in 20 minutes. Neither did we get any hint or clue for a new Archive release. Don't see it happening again, today.
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