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  1. How is the sound quality? (For those who listened already)
  2. By the end of the month.. so next week it is then....
  3. Which night exactly and will that be released next week then?
  4. I dont get it? What's up with the black stuff
  5. Yea, The Promise is there though, that's nice. Other than that I'm not sure why we would be in the need for a 9th show.
  6. 9th show from 1978, the last I was hoping for. Oh well.
  7. Nugs replied to me on Tuesday saying: "We are hoping the next release will be this Friday."
  8. If we don't get anything this Friday then surely they will skip this month.
  9. That's at least a clear answer. Hopefully camp Bruce gives the approval of releasing it the coming Friday then..
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