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  1. On Twitter/Instagram they always release it at exactly 18.00 CET and if not, no release..
  2. No release. It's past 18.00 and they always release it at exactly 18.00
  3. I love the latest release (Fenway) the most out of all the released in 2021 so far. For me the Wrecking Ball tour really includes the most outstanding shows. There's just so much joy & spirit in them and the concert never seems to end, and the horns... I love the horns in them!
  4. I think this is my favorite moment of this release. It felt very... "un-E-Street" like" in a way that I didn't expect that to happen. Such a pleasant moment.
  5. The volume drops very low after 5/6 minutes in the video nugs uploaded from Prove it all Night. Anyone that has bought the show and can tell if this happens there too?
  6. This is a great clip from the Fenway 15th show. A hotdog & drink before starting Working on the Highway
  7. I've read on Twitter that it's a much wanted show for a long time. Anyone can talk more about why?
  8. Sorry didn't know he did just 1 show there in 2013 that's why
  9. I'm hoping for a great 2013 show for the next release.
  10. I preffered it before Backstreets would say whether we can expect a release the next day or not. We would have the element of surprise. Now when they don't tweet anything, we already know we don't have to expect anything on Friday.
  11. We probably shouldn't be expecting a new release for next week, should we?
  12. How is the sound quality? (For those who listened already)
  13. By the end of the month.. so next week it is then....
  14. Which night exactly and will that be released next week then?
  15. I dont get it? What's up with the black stuff
  16. Yea, The Promise is there though, that's nice. Other than that I'm not sure why we would be in the need for a 9th show.
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