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  1. Yeah, my phone bogs down like crazy. It's easier with my laptop too.
  2. Thanks mick fir the correction. My bad. I have to go and correct that in my library
  3. Greetings Bootleg Corner! I'll begin with quote: "What I wanna know is are you out there? Well the bootleggers out there in radio land start your tapes!" -Bruce at the Roxy Theater 1978-07-07 intro to Paradise by the 'C' I'll say this. I've been here a little over two weeks and I have doubled my bootleg colection. So thank you to everyone here for sharing and I love all of it. It means a lot to me. I'm going to up load a few shows from various tours. I'll just pre warn you. My copies are MP3 format, I'm not sure the source cause I wasn't paying attention wh
  4. Hey mick As always thank you sir. I'll download when I get home from. But yes I too am able to listen at work. Being the supervisor has its perks. Hahaha. Thank you, again uploads to follow tonight.
  5. Greetings everyone I have another request from my friend in Florida. I'm working again tonight and I can't access Mega through my work server but tomorrow night I'm off and will post a few shows this weekend. I think I'll put up a show from Darkness, The River, BITUSA, and TOL. I have Working on a Dream show as well I want to share. And thank you to those who shared the last few days. Some gems out there and I wish there was more time in the day to listen to all of them. You know it's bad when you down load a show you already had and forgot. But it's a hobby, like Sunshine said ye
  6. Hey Mick That's what I was gathering. Bummer. But thank you for the Orlando show. Much appreciated
  7. Today's fun fact about me: On Bruce base it says today in history Bruce and Patti attended their son's graduation to become a fire fighter for the Jersey City Fire department last year. My father was a jersey city fire fighter for 25 years retiring in 2004. Just thought I'd share. I must say that their kids could do anything they want and to be a fire fighter in a city as populated as JC is a noble cause. Thank you to him and all those front line workers, first responders, and emergency service people that do that job day in and day out all around the world.
  8. Good day everyone! Hope all is well. I have a request from my friend in Florida. Source doesn't matter on either. He went to the show in 2002 and lives in Jacksonville and wanted to hear the show from the "Lawsuit" tour. Which upon reading notes on Brucebase, it seems that there is controversy surrounding the recording, it is incomplete or was mistaken for the Miami show 2 days later. If anyone has it cool. Thank you if you have it. Enjoy the music and rock on 2002-11-21 TD Waterhouse Centre, Orlando, FL 1977-03-04 Civic Auditorium, Jacksonville, FL
  9. Greetings Ramiro I don't have any of those specific shows or that source, But I do have a decent Audience cut of 1985-09-18 Oakland from the night before if you want? My down fall is most of my shows I do not know the source. I unfortunately wasn't paying close attention to that part. I was seeing if I liked how it sounded and I downloaded it. Let me know if you'd like it. BITUSA tour is one of my favorites for sure.
  10. Well Mick Thank you. These shows are awesome. Love them. I don't think I'll hear the same song form the same show...ever. Awesome Thank you! Fantastic
  11. ...Really? HHmmm, Ok. Will do. Thanks Sunshine! Glad you enjoyed
  12. Greetings again folks! Here is a Broadway bootleg. Source unknown and it is a MP3. But It's different than the official release. No Tom Joad and this has Long Walk Home. Which is a great song, they're all great. Not my recording either. I went in November. Enjoy the music 2018-06-08 New York City, NY https://mega.nz/folder/NZ12CRgK#eUCyul3YZF_PZsF7I26R0Q
  13. Greetings! I never fell completely crazy about Bruce until I listened to his book. I liked Bruce, but that's what pushed me. I wish I had asked my parents the hundred times they saw him in the meadowlands, either by way of the arena or Giants Stadium. I've been to both of those arena's for other events, sports and one concert. But yeah, With all this covid going around it has put a damper on things. But when they tour again, I'll be at everyone I can get to. Even if I have to go alone
  14. True Story: I use to drive an hour one way to work, my wife suggested to start listening to audiobooks cause I would listen to the same couple hundred songs(Not just Bruce but music in general). I did this and would go through a book a week usually. THEN I listened to Bruce's book Born to Run. Read by him, for those who haven't listened or read it, do yourself a favor and go and get it in either or both forms. Bruce actually reads it. After he goes through his childhood and early band struggles and he dives into Greetings, then Wild and innocent, then BTR, then the River, etc, etc, etc. I
  15. Hey Cowboy! Thank you! Downloading this now. Much appreciated. I'll get more uploaded this weekend. Difficult taking care of my two year old while my wife is at work and my older two at school. Rest of this week is remote learning. Yesterday I was asked, Do you need to keep downloading bruce music? I asked if that was a trick question. Hahaha. But thank you all.
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