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  1. Thank you cowboy. And sunshine the first step is admitting your problem. But this isnt a problem. Bruce is the answer. The problem is dead air. Hahaha rock on people!
  2. My 14 year old is watching my 7yo and 2yo while I have my ear bud in my one ear and listen to all the Bruce music. So, I'm with you. Hahabab
  3. I'm at my favorite part of the Darkness shows where Bruce does Racing and segways into Thunder Road. Does the story about the Nevada desert. Gives me goosebumps. Even just the instrumental parts with Danny on the Organ, Roy on the piano, Max on drums, big man on Tambourine. Awesome. Fun fact, Danny grew up in Flemington, NJ where I now work.
  4. Hey Sunshine I have the app on my phone and I'm able to to use it easy as for downloading. My disadvantage is uploading. But I realized something as I was trying to upload a show, I have nothing buy MP3s. Which seems to be what everyone here I getting away from. But even so it wouldnt let me upload it. I may have to try using my computer for it. Would people want MP3s? I have an edited version of the Bottom line broadcast my friend edited himself. I'm sure everyone has it that's a regular here but maybe a new comer would be interested. Any thoughts on trying to upload though?
  5. Would anyone have these couple show? 2003-03-07 Boardwalk Hall, Atlantic City, NJ The Tables Are Waiting' (Uber #40) 2002-08-12 Madison Square Garden, New York City, NY Thank you all.
  6. Much appreciated! Thank you! Downloading now
  7. And a fridge full of beer. Then yes heaven. Hahaha
  8. Hey Mickb THANK YOU! You rock. You have an awesome library from what I've seen on the thread.
  9. Hey I'll give it a listen. If I can get the one I looked up great but I'll take your copy. I appreciate it. Thank you!
  10. Thank you Cowboy! Very much appreciated! Love it, love them all. Not sure if or anyone had this one. I posted it yesterday but never saw a response. If it's out there awesome, if not I'll wait for it to arrive one day on the archive site. 1985-08-22 East Rutherford, NJ(Glory Days) Boss label.
  11. Hey Sunshine Thank you. I'll see what I have and upload. I'm still new to Mega. But I want to share what I have although I'm sure most have what I got already. But I'll toss it on there. I really appreciate all those who have posted shows on here. Really cool
  12. My last ask of the day, I promise. Sorry. 2009-11-18 Nashville, TN (This Was My Young Man's Music!' (Ev2).) Thank you. Turn it up to 11!
  13. I'm asking for a two darkness shows. I found on the bruceboots website. I appreciate all it and thank you all for being here. Thank you 1978-07-01 Berkeley, CA (Last Night In Berkeley) Label -Unbooted 1978-07-04 (Darkness On The Air) label -Mystic Records
  14. I have a friend I met on the bruce archive site( tho we've never met in person) but yes the open ing to prove it all night in the darkness tour is awesome..just awesome.
  15. Shame on me, all of my bootlegs are like you get them off the archive site, four digit year, two digit month, two digit day. How rookie of me. Hahaha tennis balls is about right. Thank you! Great stuff. This is awesome
  16. 1985-08-22 East Rutherford, NJ(Glory Days) Boss label. If anyone has this one. Being from jersey I'm biased I guess. Haha. If someone has that I'd be very grateful and thank you!
  17. Ok, let's see if I get it right this time. Hahaha 1978-11-2 Landover, MD (It's dangerous down there tonight) Z label. My phone time is now dedicated to Bruce base and here while listening to the shows I've downloaded here. Meanwhile my kids are bouncing off the walls. Hahaha
  18. Thank you! Very much appreciated. I really like the company here. Help getaway from the craziness going on.
  19. Hi Greeting from New Jersey. I stumbled on this site two weeks ago. Pretty awesome and I want to thank everyone who has posted shows. They're all outstanding and I appreciate all who can bring these past shows to us that weren't there. I had the pleasure to see Bruce on Broadyway a month before he left. Lucky is more like it. My only show so far, but when he does tour again, when all this fuss is over, I'll be going to as many shows as I can. With all that being said I have a request for a show, I was hoping one day it might come up on the archive site but hasn't yet. I was wondering anyone had Phoenix 1978? Obviously I've heard the 2 tracks from Thrill Hill Bonus cd from the a few years ago. I'd love to hear the whole thing. As the rest of the Darkness tour was on point. Thank you if anyone does have it and is able to post.
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