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  1. SUNSHINE!!!!! Can I request a repost of just the 2000-06-29 show? I was almost going to request a few other MSG 2000 shows I didn't have but I DID my research and found them. No more nub moves by me...not yet anyway. Hahaha. When you have time please. Thank you, you have a lovely lovely day.
  2. Strike one. i am ashamed. I'll hang my head an walk away. I assumed and we all know what happens when you do that...
  3. Oh that sucks. 2009 and no one made a circulation copy. Bummer. Oh well. I'll toss some shows up in a bit. Maybe a request to follow. Not sure. I'm jamming out right now. Enjoying the live music!!
  4. Mick you're a gentleman and a scholar. Thank you very much. It's all good. Weather is getting good here in jersey
  5. Request, Sorry to get off the Darkness train. Wanted to see if anyone has any of these, any version is fine. Thank you and rock on folks! 2009-09-12 Tampa, FL 2009-11-02 Washington D.C. 2009-11-03 Charlotte, NC 2009-11-20 Baltimore, MD
  6. Neat enough. I get it. The boardwalk can be a fun trip. Depending on the town of course. But most of it is good
  7. I'm not sure of that year but I know that has been the site for the state fair sometimes. Idk, I'm in rural area where the fair's are pretty good. No need to go to the state one that is setup on black top.
  8. I guess the 2000-06-27 MSG shows need to come down now...New from the archive series today
  9. Greetings bootleg board My share for today is all ten night at Giants Stadium Rising tour in MP3 format The dates are as follows and are in the link below. Enjoy and rock out this wonderful weekend!!!!! 2003-07-15 2003-07-17 2003-07-18 2003-07-21 2003-07-24 2003-07-26 2003-07-27 2003-08-28 2003-08-30 2003-08-31 https://mega.nz/folder/pVUniaBQ#XVTSwechrP335ZH-cvU4ww
  10. The one I found he yells Nils full name is 2016-09-09
  11. I have the 3 MetLife stadium shows, 2 philly shows, and 1 foxborough show. They played it at 5 of those 6. At the end of one of them he yells Nils full name. But not twice. Which now... I'm thinking I need to buy more. Side note I'll be posting some shows saturday. Easier for me on the weekend with my computer and everyone off the internet and asleep.
  12. Just a word of advice, a suggestion. Kick in anything. No one here will be insulted by anything you contribute. It's just the thought of sharing. I'm an MP3 person myself. 90% of the folks here are Flac. But still, share to share. That's the point. I don't have what you're looking for unfortunately. Sorry. But someone will hook you up. Kick in.
  13. Dude! 4% battery!!!! Plug that thing in. Im going to have an anxiety attack. Im at 68% and feel the need to charge
  14. Fun fact, I use to drive by that theater everyday to go to work. After that put in the over pass bridges so it wasn't hell on earth. Route 18 is a bitch at 8am
  15. If anyone needs me, I be the final leg of the BITUSA tour for the next few days. Hahaha thank you again to all who helped. I hope others enjoy those shows as well. It's almost 11am, I'm cracking open a beer!
  16. Thank you Mick! As always I appreciate it.
  17. This is true. I hadn't done that. Lazy me. Thank you. Now I feel like an ass
  18. With my previous post in mind, I want to try to get as close to completing the 4th leg as I can. I'll request the following. Any format and any source is fine. I thank you all and enjoy the music 1985-08-05 Washington D.C. 1985-08-11 Pittsburgh, PA 1985-08-26 Toronto, ON 1985-09-04 Pontiac, MI 1985-09-06 Indianapolis, IN 1985-09-09 Miami, FL 1985-09-10 Miami, FL 1985-09-13 Dallas, TX 1985-09-14 Dallas, TX 1985-09-19 Oakland, CA 1985-09-29 Los Angeles, CA Any of them would be cool. Thank you to anyone that can help Edit: I had the LA show on my link but I mismarked it and it turns out I do not have it. So here it is. Hahaha. Thank you again
  19. Greetings Everyone! Good morning and happy weekend. I have in the link below my collection of the 4th Leg of the BITUSA tour, The US/Canada Stadium portion. Minus the shows with official releases on them. These are MP3 formatted. Some shows have the info file on them. Some are prior to me getting here and I have no idea where I got them. It was early on when I started down the rabbit hole which has lead me here. I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend, Chevy glad to see you back. Hope all is well. Remember, "This is the land of peace, love, justice, and no mercy". 1985-08-07 Cleveland, OH 1985-08-09 Chicago, IL 1985-08-14 Philadelphia, PA 1985-08-15 Philadelphia, PA 1985-08-18 East Rutherford, NJ 1985-08-21 East Rutherford, NJ 1985-08-22 East Rutherford, NJ 1985-08-27 Toronto, ON 1985-08-31 East Rutherford, NJ 1985-09-01 East Rutherford, NJ 1985-09-18 Oakland, CA 1985-09-23 Denver, CO 1985-09-24 Denver, CO 1985-10-02 Los Angeles, CA All in the link below, Enjoy and again all in MP3 format https://mega.nz/folder/ZRsgkZpK#UPvlZvz7PBUIvMAQtLByPw Edit, Mismarked LA show. Was labeled wrong. Was labeled the 29th but us the 30th. Removing that from the link. Sorry
  20. Ok, I'll be there in 13 hours. 12 if I only stop for gas
  21. That's cool. I need an E Street show soon
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