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  1. DONE!!!!! I'll get the grill warmed up and the fridge stocked with beer!
  2. I'll toss a request up. I saw this snip it from the Springsteen & I movie from a few years ago. 2009-10-19 Wachovia Spectrum, Philadelphia, PA If it happens to be around. Thank you! Thank you for any shared shows. I enjoy them all! I'll share more tomorrow. I get yelled at to get off the computer and watch the baby cause the old two kids are virtual learning. Hahahaha
  3. We need to do a big group gathering for the next tour and party
  4. Greetings folks Hope all is well. Here are the 5 Giants Stadium shows from 2009 PLUS the final night at the IZOD (previously known as the Continental Arena and Brendan Byrne Area). These are in MP3 format!!!!!!! My previous post of these shows were Flac. Enjoy the music folks. Have a beer For the link below these are the shows attached, Again MP3 Format 2009-05-23 Izod Center, East Rutherford, NJ 2009-09-30 Giants Stadium, East Rutherford, NJ 2009-10-02 Giants Stadium, East Rutherford, NJ 2009-10-03 Giants Stadium, East Rutherford, NJ 2009-10-08 Giants Stadium, East Rutherford, NJ 2009-10-09 Giants Stadium, East Rutherford, NJ https://mega.nz/folder/gNdzjQCJ#9XyyELeYfjZmwqtyWMypew
  5. So, overall been quiet in here I see.... hahaha
  6. Just got done with yesterdays shows... might not be sleeping much today now. Well, Coffee up! Thank you Thundercrack83!
  7. I'm definitely going to identify it. I'll make it bold in future posts. But I agree.
  8. It's a fun party here. Good people. Just a lot of fun. NOW, we need the world back to order and Bruce and the band to start touring again. I'm running to the first show within driving distance of me which is nice being where I am. I'm going whether they're in Asbury Park, MSG, East Rutherford, Newark, AC, Philly. I'm going and going to multiple shows
  9. I was thinking the same thing. I left early today we were at 968 when I went to bed. I flipped open after I got to work I see 4 more paged and Darkness out the wazoo. And who is going to turn their head at darkness, no one. no one is the answer. No one here anyway. Fantastic!
  10. Yeah I go to the point where I was looking for more storage and I decided to do the hearing test for multiple songs from different concerts and I couldn't tell the difference at all. I got a new computer that could handle what I wanted it to do and downloaded and program to convert flac to MP3. I still have some flac flies saved on my backup hard drive, but I was able to clear about 150 gigs of storage space. But like we say I'll share what I have to share. Some may prefer the MP3 over the Flac. But I'm very appreciative of everyone here. And again share what I can.
  11. That's rad. Thank you sunshine! I'm still downloading the MSG shows. Sweet
  12. That's if anyone has it. I'm riding the wave of request right now. Enjoying what I'm listening to. Rock on folks
  13. Well I can't believe there is no Jersey show from TOL. Bummer. So next best thing 1988-05-16 Madison Square Garden, New York City, NY Thank you Sunshine
  14. Greetings folks! My share for today. It's themed with all Jersey, and one Philly show cause I don't have a TOL jersey show yet. All my shares are MP3 files. I have switch to all MP3 files cause my tone deaf ears can't hear the difference but I can see the storage space I'm saving. But to whoever wants it, enjoy. I have, some are from before I got to this cool party some after. The info files that are attached with the shows may say flac but they're MP3. 1975-10-11 Red Bank, NJ Late show(Soundboard, Not sure of the recorder or mixer) https://mega.nz/folder/ZA0WiT6Q#RRhsC_RF5RTk5uYalBQ7Kw 1978-11-01 Princeton, NJ (Somebody stole my Tie, Earlmv Label) **Thank you Sunshine for this one** https://mega.nz/folder/ZNFXSSqI#Vpz4jKu-kG_CAVUFBqHxTg 1984-08-08 East Rutherford, NJ (Night at the Meadowlands) https://mega.nz/folder/ZcsmlRYL#joxJz_QoySs8g1wb4l-XCQ 1984-08-11 East Rutherford, NJ (Marthon Man Vol. 1) https://mega.nz/folder/lcl2TDjT#BVYJHfHppUX72Jc34U3YGw 1984-08-12 East Rutherford, NJ (Tape Man Joe Master Volume 54) https://mega.nz/folder/JR8UAKIC#d-aiyK6HUk5q-uGudmZ5ew 1985-09-01 East Rutherford, NJ ("Sunday Night Special") https://mega.nz/folder/9Q0kGKCC#2QBauchmUBY-QCJ5qaiXhg 1988-03-08 Philadelphia, PA (Tape Man Joe Master Volume 34) https://mega.nz/folder/FVElhShZ#eXdugdDkAiqWpNGaElq4fQ 1999-07-15 East Rutherford, NJ ( Source: SchoepsCCM4, Taper markp) https://mega.nz/folder/cYNjXSzJ#npiqfwaTesVpdVNgoJZJ8A 2002-07-08 East Rutherford, NJ (Crystal Cat CD's 651-652) https://mega.nz/folder/4EUzxaqZ#1l9mv9wBMUTZROV_-YiZKg 2003-07-15 East Rutherford, NJ (Unknown Source) https://mega.nz/folder/gYchEQyS#H772dKcfhJwAgdQqgTBO8Q
  15. I've been on a side project with my new PC. Backing up my back and what not. So I feel you. Wonderful to see everyone this glorious Saturday. Bruce on, Beers up, Rock n Roll baby!
  16. Thank you kindly. I'll get it downloaded when I get home. Much appreciated.
  17. Just saw that note on Brucebase. My bad. This is the way
  18. I'm having a mini melt down cause I thought I had these two shows from Giants stadium but apparently I don't. Which now I must complete the set from giants stadium 85. If anyone has these two please. thank you if you do. I'll be sharing again this weekend. Difficult to do during the week with the kids home for school and my 2 year old being demanding, although, i think the two older ones are in school today. So maybe I'll have a minute to toss a few shows up. 1985-08-18 Giants Stadium, East Rutherford, NJ 1985-08-19 Giants Stadium, East Rutherford, NJ
  19. I see I'm going to be busy when I get home from work in the morning. Thanks mick.
  20. It's hilarious, the 2 year old says "no mouse, no". We first heard we're like wtf is in the house?!?! Hahahaha
  21. Now I'm going to watch that, true grit, 3:10 to yuma, and tombstone.
  22. We think we know the 2009 giants stadium shows, 2nd and 3rd of October. The information. I downloaded it back in early January but without the info file. In my defense it was one of my first to download.
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