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  1. No problem. Happy to contribute to community.
  2. That was the only I had and I was like Cool I can toss one to mick finally and then it hit me. Bummer.
  3. Mick I don't have any but one I don't think anyone can post. 1978-09-19 being Passaic Night. Correct?
  4. True. We can control those outside of here. As long as it's not happening here I suppose. I'll figure out the hyper-link now
  5. Should we maybe add a 4th rule. By Fans for fans. Not for sale ??? Thoughts?
  6. Well crap I guess it added it as I saved it. I'll take it off if you like.
  7. If you don't mind Mick, I'd like to follow suit as well. I'll wait for your approval. This place is too nice for us to be losing it.
  8. Thank you mick. I see a flaw in my system and now I'll be drumming up a excel spread sheet of my boots and for my documentation the official releases too. I'll make something up cause...now I want to.
  9. Mick, Awesome show. Thank you for this and the ones above.
  10. Greeting everyone Happy Friday. Hope all is well. I have a request for today, although there is enough rising shows out there to keep me busy a while. Wanted to see if anyone had this BITUSA show? 'Breathless In Paris : AUDIO - Uber Series Vol. 17' (Ev2). If so awesome and thank you in advance 1985-06-29 Parc De La Courneuve, Paris, France
  11. Well happy birthday. Great job with the upload. Worked for me. Thank you for the share.
  12. I cant even drink now. I have to ho back to work for a meeting, damn day working people. The struggle of the vampire life. It's ok, my kids think I'm batman
  13. Wouldnt take me more than a day or two. We just life to get back to normal.
  14. Unfortunately I don't know my source. But I'll check yours out for sure. Your Leeds show sounds awesome
  15. Trying to contribute my friend. Thank you for yours!
  16. All MP3 files. A few BITUSA shows. Enjoy! 1985-07-06 Wembley Stadium, London, England https://mega.nz/folder/BEFHUAjK#G1YYjSvdywEG90Uk4x6xEg 1984-11-18 Bob Devaney Sports Center, Lincoln, NE https://mega.nz/folder/dcMxEQ7b#efAA0e1x-HQthkjkmPuAHA 1985-06-01 Slane Castle, Slane, Ireland https://mega.nz/folder/AIV3AKBb#W9USrIDJHO8_OIUeDuBUMQ
  17. If you open MEGA on the PC, you click the "load file" button. Click the folder of the show you want and it'll load. It is very simple. I'm not super advance with computers but I think you'll be ok. The Phone app wouldn't load anything for me. The computer 10X easier. After it loads you right click on the folder and hit get link and copy it. come here and paste. It's easier than you think. If you need more send me a message separately and I can try to help out.
  18. I'll Upload when I get home, download the one you put up for me and the one Mick just put up. Thank you kindly. I'll toss a few other up today cause why not.
  19. Do you need 1985-07-06? I have that one, Audience tape
  20. Thank you sir, Makes my day better since I'm having a crap one at work at the moment.
  21. I'm going to toss a request out there, since I see a few Darkness shows from later yesterday after I went to sleep. I hope this becomes an official release one day but it's Phoenix, AZ from 78. There a few videos on the Thrill Hill bonus track form the promise boxset a few years ago. If someone has it awesome and Thank you 1978-07-08 Arizona Veterans Memorial Coliseum, Phoenix, AZ
  22. Don't try on your phone. Computer is much simpler. Similar to using google drive. We have people here who are willing to help
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