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  1. Well the show I'm going to go to, SHOWS, I'm going to be recording. So there will be bootlegs from Jersey. So...yeah
  2. Well since I keep downloading everything, when in doubt buy a 2TB micro sd card. Will be here in less than a week...yup
  3. I struck out on the list and I was going to say on the pc it says it. Sorry...
  4. I'm driving to Florida next week, About an 18 hour drive. Guess I have my playlist now
  5. Well It's better than getting busted in freehold for moving after dark! HAhahah Ok Folks here we go. 4 soundboard MP3 shows from my collection. Again Not sure where I got them from but I think the quality is solid. Please enjoy and blast the music! 2009-11-15 Milwaukee, WI https://mega.nz/folder/1NUQmTZb#cEk-amnvMCCX9BXngFX7OQ 2003-06-22 Gothenburg, SE https://mega.nz/folder/odcUiZbY#VzVBP7UONTuu92VAYJpEMA 1980-12-11 Providence, RI https://mega.nz/folder/5REQmDRb#Lv9bWPaQb_6vSP0bCiqx-w 1975-07-20 Providence, RI (Just saw on the Album art for this it says $6.50, $5.50, $4.50 for the show! Haha) https://mega.nz/folder/5dc2hTKC#wzlg6Nzlq8la5wHzlq08Zg
  6. Well Thanks Mick, I'm on pace to have the entire Rising tour by the end of the week. HAhahaha Good Problem to have. I'm uploading a few shows to MEGA now. Then I guess I'll start on this list. Awesome
  7. So someone may ha e said this, but I have one Live cut from Greetings, The Angel, in Buffalo from 2009 from doing the album start to finish. That's in my collection anyway
  8. I have been downloading a ton, I haven't needed to request. It's great show after great show. That's why I tossed a few up. I just mine were better put together. I don't know who mixed them or anything. But when I can post from a request and quick, I want to help. This is the first friday of the month but EVERYDAY!!!!! hahahaha. Enjoy the music!
  9. I think I need to ask my dog the difference. I can't tell. I just like to make sure it's known. I know there's a difference but I can't tell. When the volume is cranked up to 11 who cares!
  10. Oh I forgot to mention it's an MP3 file. Most of my stuff is, except for what I've gotten here. But Soundboard all the same
  11. I struck out here. I wish I could help. I'll download them when they're posted. And Thank you Sunshine for requesting them
  12. If Bruce is involved it's always right! Hahahaha
  13. Well, Might as well have both shows myself... Hahaha.
  14. Here you are my friend 2000-12-18 Asbury Park, NJ https://mega.nz/folder/UJs1SYZR#Vz9lnREhB0cZR35wXUukXg
  15. Bear with me, Kids are home cause there is a chance of snow so naturally we need to learn from home and they're sucking up my internet
  16. Wait, I looked it up. It's from the 18th. You want it?
  17. I have a XMAS special from 2000 that is has The Max Weinburg 7, Southside, Patti, Bruce(of course) and it has a version of my city of ruins. Should I post?
  18. I go on here to make request and I go oh that looks good. Next thing I know I can't remember what I was gonna request. But all the same,my internet is now unlimited. Start you engines. Hahahaha thanks to everyone that posted the last few days. Some good shows.
  19. Seems good dude, welcome to the club. Good luck with the YT channel. They try to shut stuff down
  20. Again they're complete shows. Just the way I had to cut tracks is a bit off but. I think you'll enjoy.
  21. Greetings everyone. I'm uploading 5 shows. My fair warning now, they're MP3s, I don't know who mixed them or who recorded them. I got these when I was still to the bootleg scene. I think I got them YouTube. Which most of what I got from YT was usually one 3 hour video or however long the show was. Then I had to use a program to cut the tracks, some of the tracks are cut the best. I had maybe the begining of a song at the end of the previous track the at the beginning of the correct track. When I did this I never thought I'd be sharing them. I thought it would just be me. But here we are. And I'm happy to have found this community. So to quote Cowboy and Sunshine, "take it or leave it". They're good shows, I'm sorry the track cuts aren't smooth but it's what I have to offer. The BTR and Darkness shows are soundboard quality, Not great but good. The Reunion show I think is a soundboard as well. When I started my quest was for soundboards. Anyway, here you go. Enjoy 1975-09-26 Iowa City, IA https://mega.nz/folder/kUkHFQAL#EpK-54IJRaGkfdNpChHm1w 1978-06-16 Kansas City, MO https://mega.nz/folder/lFskALYT#nDvihVxPkiphQZCFovB9pA 1978-06-24 Portland, OR https://mega.nz/folder/1QsAGbpT#AnIg2YfHRWCJHYuXlxI37A 1985-07-04 London, ENG https://mega.nz/folder/oF8EWBCS#FsF7Ritk6Zj8WNC7wki5CQ 2000-05-08 Hartford, CT https://mega.nz/folder/9I021TCY#hxf0vte0ArAREdaz3PHZ1g
  22. Mick I two am not a fan of the bullet mike. But the way he was singing The Promised Land during this tour, hands down my favorite. The Trenton show 2005-11-22(Official release) I think is the correct date is my favorite version of that song. But yeah, I can deal without the bullet mike. Uploading my shows to Mega now and will post soon
  23. Ramiro The only issue I had with MEGA was it didn't work well on my phone to upload. PC is better. If you need help people will help.
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