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  1. No you are not the only one. I called my best friend and asked, "Well, what do you think?" and she said "Andy Williams"
  2. I find it interesting because It is a great human interest story...not just because he is a Springsteen kid. This is a young man who comes from a kind of wealth that is unimaginable to most of us, yet he made the choice to run into burning buildings for a living. Or maybe because I live in California I have a hero worship issue with firefighters.
  3. I have watched it 5 times already and the day is young here on the west coast.
  4. Oh jeez I see someone already tried...sorry, not enough coffee yet.
  5. Look at the music stand...I thought it kinda looked like Bruce's handwriting so I tried to enlarge it but only blurred it. If someone cares to do further investigation I would say start there!
  6. The very first rule I learned was "There is no such thing as sold out" My second rule is to never tell anyone what that rule has cost me.
  7. I liked the title of your thread better.
  8. He has given us everything for the last 50 years, let him do whatever the hell he wants. I hope he ends up richer than Bill Gates.
  9. Yesterday I visited some model homes in a new development and I thought they were beautiful. I have no idea if they were well built. A contractor might walk through and say they were not well built. I saw Springsteen on Broadway and thought it was stunning. I am not a performer or a musician. I value what the professionals have to say. I follow David Crosby on Twitter, in part, because he is cranky and says what is on his mind.
  10. Yes I saw the show last week! And.. I was in the bar/ merchandise line with Christie and his wife . I want to get paid to go again!!
  11. $850 would work. I will then tell the story of flying to New York to see Bruce on Broadway. For the cost of my airfare I will reveal what it is like to get stuck in the concession line with Chris Christie and his wife.
  12. Well crap the 17th is the night I am going!
  13. Well, she was an American girl raised on promises........Jesus this damn day