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  1. Yes, it is American Metrics for the tall asshole who has rock star envy. I stayed out of the fight club for this very reason. I cannot help myself.
  2. I don't care how tall he is, because is taller man than the fuckwad who called him little. Actually Bruce and I have something in common, we both lied on our California Driver License.
  3. I finally saw it today..one of four people in the whole theatre so it was quite obvious when I hummed a few bars a few times...hard to not sing along. I really enjoyed it and yes it got a little cheesy at times but, hey, so does Bruce. I think I'll see it again.
  4. This topic made me realize that I really don't chase songs or versions of songs etc as much as I chase Bruce's moods and voices. I always thought there was a vulnerability about this performance so thank you to the folks who put this show in context for me.
  5. This bootleg gets a lot of play in my house, so I am glad to see this release.
  6. I never thought about it before reading this thread ..that's how good he is.
  7. Unfortunately The Dump That Jumps is no longer, but we will always have For You
  8. Because he loves us. I had this experience in LA once only he sang For You. He just wandered out on the stage pre show, the pit was full and other people were making their way to their seats.
  9. and i would like to add Walk Like a Man, one of his most poignant and personal songs
  10. So, I am at dinner at a friends house and the following conversation takes place Friend: I told my friend Ana you were coming to dinner and since you are a Bruce nut maybe you could answer our question Me: I'll try Friend: We saw him once years and years ago and can't remember when it was...it was like 40 years ago maybe. Me: Oh wow, where? Friend: Winterland and we can't remember the year Me: WHAT? Friend: I said Winterland Me: WHAT? Me: It was December 15, 1978 Friend: You know the EXACT date? Me: WHAT? Friend: Yeah that sounds right, it was around Christmas Me :What do you remember? Friend: He was wild and every girl there had a plan to get backstage. Me: WHAT? Friend: I think you need more wine. Should I surprise her with a copy of the show or pout???
  11. This is my story and I'm sticking to it...Nobody is dead, but regrets, they can weigh you down.
  12. What makes you think you killed the buzz or ended the excitement? Actually when I read the negative posts about this album/songs my only thought it I wish all Bruce fans could be feeling what I am, then I go listen to the album again.