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  1. Oh boy...I am out of suggestions. Once I created a new password, closed everything and started all over from the beginning it finally worked.
  2. I also had to create a new password, it was the only way I could get it to work.
  3. This is not going well. Ticketmaster won't let me in to become a Verified Whatever. I have had the same password for years. I have been waiting for one of those change your password emails..and in the meantime "they" have instructed me to keep the window open. Thanks for listening. It should only get worse if I have to call, "them".
  4. MEN arena - explosion

  5. Bruce Tonight at City Arts and Lectures

    Thanks, BD. Security was everywhere shaming all if a cell phone appeared to take a picture.
  6. Bruce Tonight at City Arts and Lectures

    P.S. That finished album isn't finished "it was finished yesterday but isn't today "
  7. Bruce Tonight at City Arts and Lectures

    It was fabulous and I heard your question asked! He didn't seem to have any unmet goals..hard to pin him down He told a few funny stories and revealed a few tidbits.. he forgot his glasses and proceeded to describe a pair of red glasses he only wears in bed...worried out loud about if someone brought out those glasses he hoped this event wasn't videotaped. Dan Stone did a great job asking open ended questions. After we left the venue were walking with our books in hand and here comes a black Cadillac Escalade..Bruce rolled down the window and gave us the thrill of a wave!
  8. Bruce Tonight at City Arts and Lectures

    Currently on BART heading in to SF. !!
  9. OFFICIAL Book Tour Dates....

    I will be in the pretty theater with the tiny seats. I won't need refreshments because I will be in the 11th row from the stage listening to Bruce for 2 hours. That will about cover my needs for the evening! I hope Bruce does have a whiskey in his hand because it might relax him a bit!
  10. So whats the plan for the 27th?

    I like that answer since I have the same scenario that day, only my flight is San Francisco to Montreal.
  11. Well, I usually don't watch on Periscope because it hurts my heart to not be there. I guess tonight is one big bad ass exception!!!!!
  12. Oh, my avatar answers your question
  13. Explain your username & avatar

    My screen name comes from my take on Jersey Girl..my best friend and I always say we lived west coast versions of Bruce's younger life having grown up at the same time. My avatar is a picture taken in Nashville in 2008 with my goofy sign in hopes of hearing Drive All Night live. Thankfully, that happened down the road!
  14. Shake Yer Head

    Please don't call him "The Boss" the whole time we talk in some line somewhere. Why does that annoy me? I have no idea.
  15. Detroit Review

    "Both Springsteen and The E Street Band show no signs of slowing down"