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  1. Most states and I think the feds consider that you give implied consent when you are given a license. If you refuse a blood, breath or urine test your license is automatically suspended. Breath tests are given in real time at the scene. If you ask for a urine or blood test they have to transport you a detention or medical facility. Who ever thought everything I know about this subject would come in handy on The Lake.
  2. I need a hell of a lot more information before I pass any kind of judgement. I can tell you from professional experience they include everything that might be chargeable in a citation/arrest report and then let the charging authority figure it out. Drinking in a closed area???? In some states you can be charged for having care and control of a vehicle even if the vehicle is parked. I don't know what happened here and neither do any of you. Did they cite for reckless in an alternative to a DUI...because he had a marginal blood alcohol level? He did what he did and he should answer for it like anyone else but he should also be afforded the benefit of the doubt until we see what they actually charge him with.
  3. Janey needs a man who knows her style is right up the with the man that is going to drive all night to buy me some shoes. Bruce knows a thing or two about sex, women and Catholic guilt. Janey isn't in need of a doctor or a priest, just a man who shoots straight and knows a thing or two. It's only rock and roll.
  4. Yes, it is an American Legion Hall... a building commonly just called 'the legion hall' It is a national association of war veterans.
  5. Those lyrics work on so many levels. I cannot wait.
  6. Thanks Bruce now I can’t stop hearing The Marvelettes in my head.. please Mr. Postman there must be some word today
  7. I was there. I was in the pit and it was my birthday. Need I say more?
  8. Tonight all is silence in the world, as we take our stand
  9. "You can hide 'neath your covers and study your pain, make crosses from your lovers, throw roses in the rain" or "I catch him when he's strayin', teach him how to walk the line, man turns his back on his family, he ain't no friend of mine" and every single line of Stolen Car "And i'm driving a stolen car on a pitch black night and I'm telling myself I'm going to be all right, but I ride by night and I travel in fear that in this darkness I will disappear"
  10. Yes, it is American Metrics for the tall asshole who has rock star envy. I stayed out of the fight club for this very reason. I cannot help myself.
  11. I don't care how tall he is, because is taller man than the fuckwad who called him little. Actually Bruce and I have something in common, we both lied on our California Driver License.
  12. I finally saw it today..one of four people in the whole theatre so it was quite obvious when I hummed a few bars a few times...hard to not sing along. I really enjoyed it and yes it got a little cheesy at times but, hey, so does Bruce. I think I'll see it again.
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