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  1. hello friends in this night this show is possible? 1980-12-09 - SPECTRUM, PHILADELPHIA, PA thanks a lot
  2. hello friends this show is possible? 2007-11-26, Centro de Exibiciones, Bilbao thanks a lot
  3. ready the file with the information. but I can't find the artwork, someone can help thanks
  4. Hello friends here you have my contribution of the day 1993-05-07 Gijon El Molinon. I just passed it on to flac from a CD that I have recorded for years by my uncle. There are thirteen songs I hope that some do not have it and make you excited, thank you friends https://mega.nz/folder/ZTxkXAwQ#X1cH4OeyPzH8PuwqNRLPpA
  5. My collection is not very large but I will look for something that I think will interest people. Greetings from Spain
  6. This show si possible? 2006-05-13 Badalona spain Thanks a lot
  7. hello friends a request for this rainy Sunday. 1981-09-14 Cincinnati, OH I have looked for it in the forum but the link is expired. Can someone comment on how many versions there are of that concert, I will investigate in bruce base. last of river's tour, last of steve until 1999 and the date of my birth many thanks friends
  8. I did not know, forgive friends, thank you anyway
  9. Hello friends I have a request for this Friday night and beer 2008/08/23 August 23, 2008 - St. Louis, Missouri Probably the best E Street Band gig since their reunion in 1999. Memorable for the resurrection of numerous covers of classics, including "Then She Kissed Me" and "Mountain of Love" as well as for the extraordinary level of the band at the end of The Magic Tour: The “Gypsy Biker” and “Long Walk Home” versions of this concert are definitive. The latter are not my words, it is a copy and paste thank you very much friends
  10. Hello friends I'm investigating how many outtakes there are from the BTR. I have these -war and roses -born in the studio -Born To Run Remastered Outtakes Born With Nothin 'In Hands I have not -the ultimate btr remastered outtakes collection Maybe there are some more, can you help me ? and if someone can put mega the one that I do not have, I would appreciate it thanks friends and sorry for my english please
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