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  1. 3 hours ago, driveallnight89 said:

    Can I also be cheeky and ask for 

    NOV 17 2012 Setlistat Sprint Center, Kansas City,

    July 18th 2013 Cork

    I am making an Estreet version of a 92 show. 

    I don't have the Cork show, unfortunately, but I do have the 2012-11-17 Kansas City one. Uploading now - watch this space.  I will be out for the next hour or so, and will post the link as soon as I'm back.

    Here you go, @driveallnight89:  Enjoy

    2012-11-17 Kansas City, MO - We Made the Change Uptown (Mygnat-Earlmv Edit)


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  2. 2 hours ago, The Randolph said:

    to go on, fillling my gaps it would be fine, if someone can help with some 2012 shows.

    2012-04-16  Albany, NY  (Bakerstuff)

    2012-05-18  Barcelona (Javichum Version)

    2012-05-25  Frankfurt  (Crystal Cat)

    2012-07-04  Paris (Godfather records – hrubesh)  +  Zimmy 21

    2012-07-17  Dublin, IRE

    2012-07-18  Dublin, IRE

    2012-07-23  Oslo, Norway   (Ballerusk Version)

    2012-10-25  Hartford, CT  Bossman284-Earlmv Edit)  +  Hobbes4444 Version


    Thanks you in advance

    with @monkinmotion doing much of the heavy lifting, I can manage Albany, Oslo and Hartford.  Uploading now.

    2012-04-16 Albany, NY (Bakerstuff Version)


    2012-07-23 Bergen, Norway (Ballerusk Version)


    2012-10-25 XL Center, Hartford, CT (Earlmv Bossman284)


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  3. 2 hours ago, allsetcobrajet said:

    So as I was cruising back through here I realized that I did not see these comps posted... The links are dead :( If there are any kind souls out there who have any of these would they please share?

    TIA!!! :)

    Hi @allsetcobrajet,  Unfortunately, as was identified a few posts after @Arjan posted these comps, they contained quite a lot of either officially released material or boots from officially released dates (can't quite remember which, or if it was both), so Arjan had to pull the links quicksmart.

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  4. 6 hours ago, allsetcobrajet said:

    @BruceWho, I just tested the Bakerstuff show and it zipped, downloaded and unzipped fine for me. Try this:

    Re-download them tomorrow, one at a time, give them about 15-30 minutes after the download completes before you try to unzip them. I'm on the Mac platform and use The Unarchiver to extract .zip, .rar, etc. files.

    Let me know how that goes... Fear not, we will get you to the church on time so to speak ;)

    EDIT: I also know that periodically Euro uploads & downloaders have had issues with Mega exactly as you describe. Try again tomorrow and give the electrons time to settle in before extracting.

    I used to suffer this exact problem.  I think the key is, as you say, download one at a time. If you download more than one simultaneously, or even with a tiny overlap, Mega seems to always confuse files and the whole thing gets corrupted.

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  5. 27 minutes ago, BruceWho said:

    WOW! Many thanks thundercrack83 and allsetcobrajet - that's an incredible response - cheers - will take me a while to download and evaluate but I'm excited to see how it goes, thank you so much!

    With all 5 Boston nights with "something" to work with now in terms of my footage (from that amazing trip) all I need is some audio from Washington on Weds 1st Sept 1999 if anyone has anything on that!?  We did all 5 nights in Boston and all 3 in Washington but only got some footage of that one night in DC on 1st Sept.  Fingers crossed and thanks again - amazing response - cheers!

    I have 1999-09-01 Washington, DC - DC Night - Adam Raised a Cain (B.L.).  Uploading now - watch this space.

    Here you go @BruceWho.  Enjoy:


    Link is good for a week.

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  6. 2 hours ago, thundercrack83 said:

    I have the first four nights, but I don't have the last night...


    1999-08-21 Boston, MA (Reunion Flood) (CDR Trade)


    1999-08-22 Boston, MA - The 'Boss' of the Fleet (Alternative Edge Productions - Silvers)


    1999-08-24 Boston (Flac trade)


    1999-08-26 Boston 'Backstreets Night' (BL Version)



    Hopefully someone out there has 1999-08-27?

    I have 1999-08-27 - uploading now.  I see that @allsetcobrajet has beat me to it!

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  7. 1 hour ago, allsetcobrajet said:

    Good morning from GMT -5...

    Requesting the following if anyone has anything available in .flac for these dates. TIA!!! :D

    2012-12-10 Mexico City

    2012-08-24 Toronto


    Hi @allsetcobrajet.  Per Brucebase, there is no recording of 2012-08-24 available and, for 2012-12-10, there is only a lossy mp3 from an unknown source in circulation.  I have that mp3, if that's any use to you.


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  8. 9 hours ago, monkinmotion said:

    23rd (and final) batch of JEMS releases


    08 February 2013                              LA – MUSICARES




    BITUSA OUTTAKES 4/6/84             TAPE DECK BLASTIN’      



    Music Files only                All FLAC                Links valid for 1 week


    As these last two uploads are both Outtakes, I sought the opinion of a Mod as to whether they can/should be uploaded here

    If anyone believes that they should not be shared, please let me know as soon as possible, and I will remove them

    I think all the JEMS releases have now been shared (where possible) – if I have missed any, or you want a repost of a particular show, please let me know

    Thank you again for your sterling efforts in sharing so many fabulous JEMS releases @monkinmotion.  I have really enjoyed downloading and listening to them (as well as tracking down artwork and info files for most of them!).  Thanks you very much indeed.

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  9. 2 hours ago, skywalkerboh said:

    Hello everybody,

    my first two Springsteen concerts have been the two in Milano, 1999 april 19 and 20.

    I remember a great sound version by Crystal Cat for night 2, but I just wanna know if some of you wanna share the two recordings, hoping to find the best sounding ever for both (telecaster recordings are the best?).



    Thanks in advance

    p.s. using the search box here I have found only this: 19 april (Maxell XLII Tapes) (Mauro R.)

    I would like also so much to buy the Milano Night 1999 by CC .... does someone own a spare copy?

    Do you have the Mauro R recording of 1999-04-19?  If not, I can post it.

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  10. 5 hours ago, The Randolph said:


    WOW ! That was fast!  Thank you for your support. So here are some of mine. I ain´t sure what to upload, so I choose some of the shows I was at..

    2002-10-20  Velodrome, Berlin 


    2005-06-15  Festhalle, Frankfurt


    2006-05-17  Festhalle, Frankfurt


    2008-06-21  Hamburg




    Links are good til Sunday


    I have crashed some parts of my storage, so I find still some empty folders. 

    I miss  2003-06-12  Hamburg  -  can anyone help??  PLZ

    You're very welcome.  Thanks for the great share - a couple there that I didn't have.  

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  11. 2 hours ago, The Randolph said:

    my first request here is ...   

    2005-05-05 Oakland, CA

    2005-05-07 Denver, CO

    2005-08-10  Portland (Producer Version) IEM AUD MATRIX

    2005-10-21 Providence, RI

    2005-10-24 Richmond, VA

    2005-11-08 Philly

    2005-11-09 Philly (George Wong Master)


    hope someone can help me out. 

    Hi @The Randolph.  Welcome.  I have all of these and am uploading now - will take a while, so watch this space.  Please do share something from your collection.

    Okay - so here you go:

    2005-05-05 Oakland Theatre, Oakland, California (Schoeps)


    2005-05-07 Denver, CO (Gunner)


    2005-08-10 Portland, OR (Producer Version) (IEM-AUD Matrix)


    2005-10-21 Providence RI


    2005-10-24 Richmond VA


    2005-11-08 - Philly (George Wang Master)


    2005-11-09 - Philly (George Wang Master)


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  12. 2 hours ago, Arjan said:

    Opening night Europe 1988: Turin (all versions I have)

    1988-06-11 ...At 6 p.m. He Left 'La Mandria'... (Slip Slip Records - Vinyl)


    1988-06-11 Torino (Rosalita, 4lp vinyl)


    1988-06-11 Torino Italy (ABMS Source) (Unknown)


    1988-06-11 Torino, ITA (1st Gen M.L. Tape) (Mauro R)


    1988-06-11 Torino, ITA (SONY HF Master Tape) (FedeUD)


    1988-06-11 Turin Italy (mjk5510 1st Generation Tape Transfer)


    1988-06-11 Turin, Italy [This Is Not A Dark Ride] Godfatherecords



    Thanks for that excellent share @Arjan

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  13. 3 hours ago, simongar said:

    Is anybody interested in this show?

    1999-06-02  Rock And Roll Is Back In Town  https://mega.nz/folder/hOgjiaYR#Ded8s-CIc2Xj7WA21CqdGA


    I certainly am, thank you very much, @simongar.  I'm missing a few from June 1999.  Anyone got any of the following?  TIA




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