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  1. Hi @AverageTD Welcome! Here's the 1999-04-24 show in Flac, with info file, artwork and all that good stuff. Please feel free to share things from your collection. 1999-04-24 Vienna AUS (Gamble Records) https://mega.nz/folder/5C5QnDBK#lwoUEN8OB-4tjoRJUsZ7Zg
  2. thank you - at least a couple of things on there that I will pick up. Hanx.
  3. 1985-07-03 Wembley First Night (JimCT version) https://mega.nz/folder/APJSFJbQ#XEzH5y9L2_RrP6OkfT46Jg 1985-07-04 London, England - Independence Night (Crystal Cat Records - Silvers) https://mega.nz/folder/gSQyEJJQ#ogtkdOXkvcxKEhSjwBZ1og 1985-07-04 London, England - Wembley Stadium (Spacematic Records - Vinyl) (cre001-hrubesh) https://mega.nz/folder/cOIkFbjZ#UMK6sV8p6mots60A0WQjWQ 1985-07-06 London 'Because Wembley Belongs To Us' https://mega.nz/folder/JOZAXbaS#M8zqbB2ma5CeRzZUYN6Yhg 1985-07-06 London ENG (Alternate Source) (cre001-mjk5510) https://mega.nz/folder/9WBEGLzJ#Ll8ZMHV1X8VsmreAeL57tA 1985-07-07 Hello Leeds (Anubis_Records_-_Sivers) https://mega.nz/folder/NSIUWLLS#khWg6OVwIv3CNGRbn_Fq0w 1985-07-07 Leeds, England - A Promise Of Life - Leeds '85 (Ev2) https://mega.nz/folder/gGYmSTzC#x4W7D9DzkmirO6DyrMYP7w
  4. That would be great. I had a lot of gaps and gratefully downloaded quite a few of the Tape Man Joe series you kindly put up. Would really appreciate the JEMS series - although I have a lot, my collection is by no means anywhere near complete.
  5. *sigh* Seriously. Fecking STOP IT. As @CmonMrTrouble said a few hours ago, the argument ends. STOP or even noobs like me will be gone from this tiresome shite.
  6. "scattered from arsehole to breakfast" is about the most delightful turn of phrase I have heard since I left Glasgow in 2000, and one which I am going to use frequently from now on. Thank you!
  7. So, while I don't pretend to have a mighty collection to rival those who seem to have moved on to pastures new, I do have a reasonable stash, so anyone got any requests?
  8. Jeeeeez!!! Enough already. Could everyone please pick up their toys and put them back in the pram and get back to the serious, friendly, polite and mannerly (including altruistic) business of sharing?
  9. I have these. Uploading now - watch this space. Okay - here you go, @Outlaw Darin . The 1981-08-05 Landover show is recorded on BB and this recording as being at Largo, but Landover/Largo all much of a muchness, I believe. 1981-08-05 Largo, MD (Anonymous Collector-Low Gen Source) (Buckshot Transfer) https://mega.nz/folder/tCwg3bAZ#eQqKwImBj8KDhCULUucbDg 1981-08-28 Los Angeles, CA - Scattered Like Dry Leaves (MarkP-Ev2) https://mega.nz/folder/wXgg1LST#qHgnXJjfe9dO1dHKgOsLCw
  10. Like @simongar I had initial trouble extracting the files - standard, built in, windows winzip extraction didn't work. Worked fine when I extracted with 7-zip though. It's a great show. Thank you, @gotgodonmyside
  11. Couple of random shares of shows I've been enjoying. Take 'em or leave 'em! Enjoy! 2012-04-13 Buffalo, NY (Bakerstuff Version) https://mega.nz/folder/QLBnEYJa#DRMSXSmuzf61ZLCCpuQdpA 2012-04-16 Albany, NY (Bakerstuff Version) https://mega.nz/folder/dfRx0AJS#I2-6at0oNEzGQICtU_2a1g
  12. I'm on it, like an Easter bonnet. Two versions of each uploading now. Will be a while - my Mega is painfully slow today - but watch this space. EDIT - @sunshine2020 beat me to it! Thanks!
  13. And, presumably, the next day, he rises from the dead...rolls away the stone....and if he sees his shadow..... And then the next day, he rises from the dead... [ad nauseam]. Sorry. I'll get my coat.
  14. HI @Jerseyboy84. I have the 24 and 27 shows, but not the 26. Uploading now - watch this space. Okay - here you go: (and thanks to @allsetcobrajet for 26th) 1999-07-24 East Rutherford NJ (Mauro R Collection-Hrubesh) https://mega.nz/folder/wOJG1BBA#f5ZVEn4m31FKrKp012B7mw 1999-07-27 Continental Airlines Arena, East Rutherford, NJ https://mega.nz/folder/YG4jFKCY#O1aqnpom2ngA6FpO8-inVg
  15. Thanks @sunshine2020. Did you want to add to rule 4 that the location etc should be in lower case, with initial capitals only - i.e. Like This For Example, not ALL IN CAPITALS?
  16. Thanks for this, @Martin, and welcome. As Twink said, she posted the whole Darkness tour in the last few weeks, so there will be tons for you to pick up easily. If there is anything else you would like to have, shout out and it is all but guaranteed someone will have it to share with you (bearing in mind the rules - see the footer on Born To Rock's post, above).
  17. Hang on; American Football? That's kinda like rugby, except with body armour, padding and helmets, right?
  18. thanks for these @Marnix. A little typo in the last one which you have here as 2013-7-05 - it's actually 2013-07-13. Really grateful for that as I didn't have it. Many thanks again.
  19. So, not an awful lot of sharing going on today/yesterday. Thought I'd just randomly share what I'm listening to at the moment. Take it or leave it, as the saying goes: 2002-08-30 St. Louis, MO - That's One Hell Of A Radio (Mr.T Remaster) https://mega.nz/folder/JDJwVJIR#8rxyaMYmqm8Mic_GJ06fRQ
  20. I do, yes - uploading now. Here you go - the info file is signed off by Ivan and the checksum seems spot on, so think this is what you're looking for: 2000-05-29 Salt Lake City, UT (Flac Trade) https://mega.nz/folder/EHA2VLaL#v-HhoOoDQ1XpG-sl8cDcyQ
  21. Hi @mxschrtt. I have 1978-12-28 show - uploading now. Watch this space Here you go: 1978-12-28 Stanley Theatre Night - Pittsburgh PA (Buckshot) https://mega.nz/folder/cfIiSJ4K#Ypf7QGahGg0UBoprhNVVMA
  22. Hi @thundercrack83. I only have the last one of those. Uploading now, so watch this space. Here you go: 1996-11-25 Paramount Theatre Asbury Park, N.J - Greetings From Paramount Theatre (E Street Guest)s (DAT master) https://mega.nz/folder/ZCRA3DzD#IkmUIh7zXQHw0jX9N7hqFw
  23. Morning all I have a few requests for 2006 gaps and would be grateful if anyone could share. Limiting myself to four requests, as mandated by @sunshine2020 !! Have checked BB and there do seem to be recordings available and no commercial release (other than occasional single song on '18 Nights of Bruce' aol provision): 2006-05-27 - TWEETER CENTER FOR THE PERFORMING ARTS, MANSFIELD, MA 2006-05-30 - GERMAIN AMPHITHEATER, COLUMBUS, OH 2006-06-03 - GLENDALE ARENA, GLENDALE, AZ 2006-06-13 - FIRST MIDWEST BANK AMPHITHEATRE, TINLEY PARK, IL Many thanks!
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