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  1. Here you go. As I said, I don't have the 2009-09-12 Tampa show. 2009-03-18 (23) Tour Rehearsals (Social Graces) https://mega.nz/folder/ESIyiDiL#HeeZeVKzdpALG-tAGh0RXQ
  2. Uploading the first of those now - hold please. I don't have the Tampa show
  3. Here's another from that Chicago stand: 1984-07-15 Rosemont, IL (2017 2nd Generation Transfer) (mjk5510) https://mega.nz/folder/hSZwhbLC#zC4V3tcGiEht3lUkQNzNVQ
  4. Or, as @mickb rightly puts it CCYY/MM/DD
  5. Thank you @sunshine2020 . Absolutely no rush - I'd be very grateful for anything anyone is good enough to share, when time admits.
  6. Hi all Posted before ( @mickb I think) were most (or all) of the 10 nights at Giants Stadium, NJ on the Rising Tour 2003, but the links were dead. I wonder if these could be reposted? Many thanks.
  7. I'm taking the liberty of cracking on with 1978 - here's what I have from August, for a starter: 1978-08-04 Charleston_(Vittorio_tapes) https://mega.nz/folder/QO4kmCxL#g3cKSCK-uVrB6yQPmxPLHw 1978-08-05-The Lost Louisville Tapes https://mega.nz/folder/IfgiSYoT#dn3BrcANvkrs1vpyRrnTog 1978-08-14 Hampton, VA (Recorder 2 - DS Archives Volume 24) https://mega.nz/folder/lepQDYIJ#AeGepL4ZbFBk4VNClG-3rw 1978-08-15 It's Such a Sight to See-Landover (DVD rip) https://mega.nz/folder/ZTxkAYjD#ekm8VQ2b_lTnF-BoX36d8Q 1978-08-18 Philadelphia, PA - This, Is Not A Test (ER Archives via JEMS - ER Archives Vol. 7) https://mega.nz/folder/8Sgk2AAD#E4_xcu2m13J1inXhogHQtw 1978-08-19 Philadelphia, PA - Ed Sciaky Reels https://mega.nz/folder/0D4SSY4S#d9looEcEvhbPNvexSoiD1A 1978-08-21 History_is_Made_at_Night-Night_1-New_York_(Godfather Records Silvers) https://mega.nz/folder/4SoCkQCY#wB3QrAyENSz9CZhqOuEQYw 1978-08-22 NYC (Godfather SILVER RIP) https://mega.nz/folder/oCxmjKgB#sHWlnpdfLqNBDzDSA3g1Jg 1978-08-25 new haven - mjk5510 complete version https://mega.nz/folder/Jeg0hYzC#LVl_BY7x1IA_gQSZ5RUV3Q 1978-08-26 Providence Civic Center https://mega.nz/folder/lWwkUY5b#PJBVBuDmlqgMW29p7Suoog 1978-08-29 Pittsburgh, PA (Tape Transfer) https://mega.nz/folder/AOpmgKpD#g_78LE7E_CGtHzgvt_eJJQ
  8. Ah, Eddy's site shows lots of M4A and MP4. Guess I'll have to do some YouTube downloading and try to assemble the Bruce parts of the show. thanks
  9. On the topic of shows in Jersey, would anyone happen to have these? 1982-05-08 The Fast Lane Asbury Park, NJ 2019-05-08 Paramount Theater, Asbury Park, NJ Thanks.
  10. No disrespect to either @mickb or @sunshine2020 was intended; indeed, they are both fantastic sharers. No disrespect intended to anyone; this is a brilliant community, with loads of excellent contributors. Simply that both @Twink and @Born To Rock have their very old links live. Sorry if I've offended anyone; really wasn't intended.
  11. Just wanted to record a profound thank you to @Twink and @Born To Rock for keeping alive their old links. I have now been through all of your old postings and have downloaded an enormous amount of brilliant stuff. You are stars, both of you and I am really grateful.
  12. Uploading now - hang on. 1985-06-01 Slane Ireland (1st Gen Tapes) https://mega.nz/folder/lTwACRAR#F6qyXAZboW_pEWRhDMJxWw
  13. Barack Obama election rally 5th October 2008: 2008-10-05 Columbus OH - The Oval Ohio State https://mega.nz/folder/Aag2VAaB#lhRRKfajpZ3IC3yymGZrzg
  14. Great show from 2009. Enjoy. 2009-08-23 Mansfield MA Bakerstuff https://mega.nz/folder/BLpU3bYR#ShARyoEyFFaIV_trkVewWA
  15. Ah, right - understood. Sorry for asking - didn't think to check for official release.
  16. I wonder if you could re-upload the following collection, @Born To Rock ? I see that you had shared it in the past, but link is dead. Many thanks The Promise Delivered Vol. 1-3 (Flynn Compilation) (2000)
  17. Click on the three dots at the top right of your original post and select the "Edit" option
  18. A bit pathetic, I know, but here is the one of your requests that I have: 2000-04-09 Kemper Arena, Kansas City, MO https://mega.nz/folder/FPZAlRrQ#8jfJCnQpqdKe7qFU8iKrnQ
  19. Uploading now - please hold! 1980-12-09 Spectrum Philadelphia PA A Hard Night To Play (4CD) Remastered version https://mega.nz/folder/VHx2nA7Y#tMjXH7OXp2-S6wf1FHFhhg
  20. Another nice Seeger show, that I enjoy. Hope some of you might too: 2006-11-06 Cologne DEU Aud https://mega.nz/folder/lbghyQIT#gC5xIz1G_uwU5lN24XcgDg
  21. "...kick,kick,kick its all they do!!" I think that's a bit unfair; it's not all they do - they are also really good at giving away cheap penalties. (I'm a Scot BTW) :-)
  22. I have the first of those, but not the Brisbane show. Here you go: 1996-11-26 Paramount Theatre, Asbury Park, NJ https://mega.nz/folder/0PokRBJD#q1SCO_STpHjFt6z5MyEOtQ
  23. Here's an excellent Seeger show, which I don't think has been shared here before. Hope you enjoy: 2006-05-08 Hammersmith Session Night [CC] https://mega.nz/folder/If4AlRTI#MyZB8heOnj9IYS61YnWIjg
  24. Happy February, everyone. I thought this show would be worth posting and hope you'll enjoy: 2009-04-10 Denver CO https://mega.nz/folder/BaYSVTIB#Fp-9H9CqzVLpDOxDLV-Z4A
  25. I have some 1978-06-25 and 1978-06-29. Uploading now. 1978-06-25 Paramount Northwest Theatre Seattle WA This Is Called The Promise JEMS EV2 https://mega.nz/folder/ID4jzaIT#5WfMEXbyJTt3ECopqijjyg 1978-06-29 San Jose, CA (CDR) (Incomplete) https://mega.nz/folder/1GgTFaIR#N2iVT5qjQMuVQuv1fB_AlQ
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