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  1. Hi all I'd like to make a request. If anyone has this show, I'd love to hear it: 2006-05-08 - HAMMERSMITH APOLLO, LONDON, ENGLAND
  2. Hi all Following Mick's guidance, I have searched for the date of this show, and it doesn't appear to have been shared here before. Hope some of you will enjoy this: 1992-10-21 Mountain View CA - Shoreline Amphitheatre https://mega.nz/folder/NGB3wawY#LpDjVhxk9oty-HOSZVkZGg
  3. As I've just joined, I've been scouting back over the last few dozen pages to see what's been shared recently. I don't see this show, so thought some of you might like to have it. Apologies for any duplication 2006-11-06 Cologne DEU Aud https://mega.nz/folder/NKgC2QQL#S-Vb1BX62i7ICNKtIQ2mSA
  4. Thanks. Actually meant that 05-08 was my birthday, but wasn't clear - have edited it now. Thanks anyway!
  5. Thanks for this upload, Mickb. This (05-08) happens to be my birthday. I'm new here and have only been watching as a guest for the last few days, while I was waiting for my account to be approved. I probably won't upload an awful lot (as there is already SOOOOO much available here), but I certainly won't request often (or at all, perhaps). And then, to refute the first part of that, here is another version of the 1981-5-08 Stockholm show + the previous night, for those who may not have it. This is my first go at using Mega, so please excuse any f*** up. 1981-05-08 Stockholm (Uncirculated Recorder 2 Source mjk5510 January 2013 Transfer) https://mega.nz/folder/ZapEXSLY#az4bVYgHzIwqDADUkQVLNw
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