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  1. I didn't say anything about you request, obvious joke (at least to me) so this is really just personal against @sunshine2020 then, perhaps airing it on a public space instead of leaving it to a private matter was not the best course of action (again, my opinion). so what was the point of your post other than to air a list of grievances against one poster? If this is not you being thin-skinned, then it appears the point was juts to call out one poster for asking for a little decorum and manners. What you fail to realize is if you run off @sunshine2020 you run off all the other posters as we
  2. to be fair, I did not lose my posts for long, I found them wandering around, I have now put them on a leash, so I don't lose them again
  3. This is an interesting take, and has been mentioned before, we are all entitled to our opinions. How many of your shows did you get from @sunshine2020, @mickb @Born To Rock @chevy396 @Twink and others? I seem to recall many requests from you filled by @sunshine2020 and the others. I hope that you enjoy them as these sharers most likely have gone off to greener pastures (or will soon), with their "magnificent collections" never to be seen here again. I don't know about you, or what you may or may not have received here, but I know that I have benefitted greatly by being here. Now the pieces
  4. Strange - they all seem to be there now. Thank You
  5. My posts seem to keep disappearing, why is that?
  6. Thanks for the reply, you seemed to have made this all about people leaving because they are not getting the recognition they deserve. The last request was more about people not sharing and only asking for more and more shows. The only way this thing works if everyone plays along and shares what they have. As it stands we have a list of probably 6 or so people who consistently provide 95% of the shows. Some people just request and not share and do that without any thoughts as to what it takes to share, almost like it is just expected that their shows will just show up - (I think) is what some
  7. It may have been me, I may have deleted it by accident (don't know if that's possible?) Here is what I posted earlier. After thinking about this a bit, I feel the need to offer a bit different viewpoint. As a newer member here (early February) I know you will not hold my opinion very highly, but I have to say this type of response from a moderator to a poster that has been sharing her collection to pretty much anyone who asks, is harsh. What I am reading into this is even though you freely share your collection, we do not need you here anymore. And more importantly, common dece
  8. Definitely not a problem, keep sharing It's not like others haven't done the same thing many times (and by others I mean me) but only once or twice or five times
  9. Shouldn't this be 2009-11-15, not 2009-11-25? Great show indeed
  10. Hello - @uruboss. Welcome to the thread! We ask that when you make your requests, that you always include the date in CCYY-MM-DD format. This makes it easier for those that will be sharing with you as most people have the shows by date order. Also, please feel free to share something from your collection for others. Here is your request, as I mentioned, please include the date in the future as this reduces the effort and removes any confusion. It also helps those that come after you to be able to find the shows. 1996-03-13 Stockholm, Sweden - Cirkus Night (Crystal Cat Record
  11. No sorry, not a Mac guy, I am completely lost in that world EDIT: @JimCT - quick search - it look like dbpoweramp will do this for you (but I have no experience with this program to know for sure)
  12. I agree, now we just need to get Ben to agree!
  13. shocker - we have already taken over the thread over there
  14. I remember the days where you could almost count every year they would take an offensive lineman with 1 of their top picks. Definitely not a sexy draft day, but it will bring results. Ben doesn't like to turn his back on the D (at least that is what I read), so him going under center is not something he will want to do. I am anxious to see how much clout Canada actually has with Ben. I think if we see Ben under center more, then Canada has the control he needs to finally starting to fix this offense and have at least a respectable run game (with O-line upgrades)
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