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  1. Thanks for checking but it's not the versions that I am looking for.
  2. Thanks for posting this but not exactly what I am looking for. Many thanks for checking and posting !
  3. Would anybody have the versions listed below for the Giants Stadium 2003-08-30 show to share? Bickle version or the Juan Samuez version Thanks in advance for any that you can possibly post. It will be greatly appreciated!
  4. Would anybody have the versions listed below for the Philadelphia 2009-10-19 show to share? Duke remaster version, Bossman version, The last of the old time rock houses (reason to believe) version, or the NYC Bitch Committee DVD Thanks in advance for any that you can possibly post. It will be greatly appreciated!
  5. Would anybody happen to have this show available to share? Thanks so much in advance! Happy Halloween(incomplete audience - River Flood) October 31st, 1980-Los Angeles,CA LA Sports Arena
  6. https://mega.nz/folder/ATYw3biA#9fp6WF8xXvCGUEfe2VESZA
  7. I had the Mike Camp show from the 18th and not the 15th and the post got my interest. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  8. Does anybody have this version of the Fenway show to share? Thanks in advance! 2012-08-15 Boston,MA FLAC (Mike Camp Version) Oops sorry, it's an "official date"
  9. I seem to have misplaced this. Can somebody kindly please re-post this this? Thank you! 1996-09-19 Providence, RI (carlettone Transfer)
  10. Here is the piggham release: https://mega.nz/folder/8b4XVIZA#YJfOr1GqmRuL8zlMQUNQ3A
  11. Thank you so much for sharing these!!!
  12. Would anybody have any of the following 2007 shows to possibly share? Thank you very much in advance!!! 2007-10-14 OTTAWA CANADA BOYERLAURIER 2007-10-21 CHICAGO IL ADEMOTTE 2007-11-02 ST PAUL MN JB 2007-11-19 BOSTON MA SHARK777 2007-11-25 MADRID SPAIN PHILME 2007-11-26 BILBAO SPAIN SERVSA 2007-12-10 STOCKHOLM SWEDEN SEE PRODUCTIONS 2007-12-13 COLOGNE GERMANY MOERIE 2007-12-13 COLOGNE GERMANY ASPEKTE (INTERVIEW)
  13. Good day all! Would anybody have any of these recordings by Essexboy to possibly share? Thanks in advance!!! 2006-05-08 LONDON UK 2006-11-11 LONDON UK 2006-11-12 LONDON UK 2008-05-30 LONDON UK 2009-06-28 LONDON UK
  14. I'm putting it on MEGA now! https://mega.nz/folder/QWh3WIqQ#Hh2_NUK2ecEWdd0widpZRA
  15. I've been having clerical and technical issues. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  16. It's always good with you @allsetcobrajet!
  17. Ahhhhh! You are still amazing @allsetcobrajet!!!
  18. Much appreciated, many thanks @monkinmotion!!!
  19. Thanks for checking! I wonder about which ones I don't know about!!!
  20. I am hoping that some "Bickle" recordings can be shared, it would be most appreciated. Thanks!!! 1992-09-24 LOS ANGELES CA 2003-08-30 EAST RUTHERFORD NJ 2003-09-20 BUFFALO NY 2003-10-04 FLUSHING NY 2005-05-17 PHILADELPHIA PA 2005-11-09 PHILADELPHIA PA 2012-06-10 FLORENCE ITALY
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