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  1. Hey boys n girls... I miss somethimg in my collection, hope you can fill those gaps. 1978-012-27 Pittsburgh (Original MasterTape) + This is for the crazies (Anubis) Tattoes & ESTRTNDBFAN 1978-12-28 Buckshot + (CD-R IVAN) 1978-12-31 (Backsreet Records - Multicolor Vinyl hrubesh + the Firecracke Night (Earlmv) zhanks in advanvce
  2. 1975-09-21 https://mega.nz/folder/4QkA1DwY#SzLkkroy9v_IGXtLjZk00Q 1975-10-04 https://mega.nz/folder/wI9GWJrC#WSsC1DSzyxL7rReYB4-Czw 1975-12-05 https://mega.nz/folder/NQVRAKQJ#DrGwGjeX4T2CpfFKqWOGOw 1980-11-11 https://mega.nz/folder/hRd1TAoY#ZKcDBKUTwv_TiyZlY9BDug hope these are the right ones..
  3. Hi there, anyone who can help me with 2007-10-14 Ottawa? I heard "Keep the car running" with Arcade fire. Seeking for a good recording of that show.
  4. I just want to say THANK YOU ALL for your great support and all the great stuff I could grabb here. You are awesome !!!
  5. Hi.... does anyone of you got the videos from the Jimmy Fallon shows. "Gov. Chris Christie Fort Lee New Jersey Traffic Jam" "Save my Love" in a better version than the one available on Youtube???? would be very much appreciated.
  6. I can share 2008-06-16 Duesseldorf, GER https://mega.nz/folder/cJl0yZDa#gpMHPT6wAdD-lSoYOqncyA
  7. Here is at least one version 1996-11-13 Syracuse, NY (Bakerstuff & KRW&CO Transfer) https://mega.nz/folder/kAkkhDDD#hHPRwC1yRVXlBm4S3jB36A
  8. I just wanted zo give something back, but your @allsetcobrajet collection is soo massiv. WOW. Can someone help me with 2002-08-24 Inglewood, CA ? I stuck at 60% on the jungle link for 7 days now.
  9. I only have the 75 Godfather. 78 + 04 I have on Godfather CD, but not converted yet. https://mega.nz/folder/IYsw1aJA#jQWJV7bKmXyovzKbYJsYgw The Punk meets the Godfather 1978-08-15
  10. GREAT! Thank you soo much for that fast support. bless ya
  11. when the wall came down i was 15 years old. it was a crazy time. There is still a mental boundary between east and west. When Bruce 88 played in East Berlin, I was 12 years old. since then i love him and his music. The concert was shown in East German Television, but the words he said, that he hopes that someday all barriers will be teard down, was cut off for east german people. So what. lets hope for better times! We got enough problems now. no one knows what is right.. It´s all so strange... won´t talk about that ! be safe
  12. Thank you for this one. very much appreciated
  13. Hi guys, girls and boys, men and women and all kind of genders So far you've been so kind and helped me fill in the blanks .. that's soo great. these days i'm listening to the 88 shows and trying to get some that i'm missing. Woukd be great if some of you could help me out with the following ToL shows... 1988-05-23 MSG, NYC 1988-06-16 Rome 1988-05-18 Paris 1988-06-19 Paris 1988-06-21/ 22 Birmingham 1988-06-25 London 1988-06-28 Rotterdam 1988-07-22 Berlin West more wishe may come later, but for now... this would be nice. send all the best wishes from Eastern Germany, from the shores of Rostock. be safe
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