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  1. Matt Sahadi - ‘Still Were Us’
  2. Matt Sahadi - Still Were Us Check out the link to this fresh find! Darkness era styled lyrics with big guitars and sax!
  3. Definitely agree. “Pain” reminds me of “Crawling Back To You” However, songs like “Burning” is more in line with Bruce. I read the best description of The War on Drugs being that it’s like Bruce wrote a song, Bob Dylan sang it, The Heartbreakers played it, and David Gilmour produced it. But they definitely have a heavy heavy Petty inspiration. It’s funny you noticed that The Killers album was very War on Drugs because I said that to a buddy and they thought I was nuts. “Running Towards a Place” is unmistakably Petty. Especially with that sped up “Breakdown” vibe and guitar sound.
  4. Thanks @Jimmy James! I’m very familiar with The Killers new album. To me I felt it was more of a Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers sound — especially Running Towards a Place. They even did a cover of The Waiting leading up to the album release. However, I definitely hear the Springsteen-esc cinematic and dystopian style Sam Fender is quickly becoming one of my favorites, I think he loves being compared to Bruce, though his songwriting isn’t as comparable as I feel it’s being made out to be. More of that attitude and obviously within production. The War on Drugs took m
  5. So I’m new here but I’ve recently been searching for more artists influenced by Bruce but of a newer (maybe even younger generation). I’m sure by now we’ve all heard of Sam Fender? (Hypersonic Missiles, The Borders) What about: The War on Drugs (Baby Missiles, In Reverse) Matt Sahadi (Light of Hope) Check them out! Let me know your thoughts and your suggestions!
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