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  1. I went to 3 Giants Stadium shows in 2003. I was disappointed that Glory Days was played in the Ramrod slot each show. During Glory Days the band left the stage while Roy played solo piano.
  2. My last show was Giants Stadium 2008. This was the night that started at approx 9:30 due to a traffic accident on NJ Turnpike. Some people thought that this wast he best show ever. I was sitting on the floor. The sound wasn't good and I was disappointed.
  3. There was an outage on BTX in 2006. Everybody had to re-register. I expect BTX to return eventually. A quarterly magazine may be obsolete anyway. The BTX staff might be able to install a link allowing users to contribute to BTX.
  4. I have been watching The Sopranos on DVD during the pandemic. Silvio is quite trim compared to some of the other characters like Bobby and Vito. I wonder if they were wearing padding to make them look more obese. Food is an important part of the show. There are many scenes at the Sopranos Sunday dinner and Vesuvio restaurant. Anybody eating so much restaurant food would gain weight. Early in the series one of Meadow's friends asked Carmella how she stayed so thin. Tony and Carmella had exercise equipment in their basement. Carmella had regular tennis lessons with Adriana. Tony was a formidable fist fighter despite looking heavy. After Tony recovered from being shot, he beat up a real muscleman to show that he hadn't lost any of his fist fighting ability.
  5. I'm not a fan of Steve's singing. I would prefer to listen to a Nils show over a Steve show. Nevertheless I agree that Steve's backing vocals were a big part of the ESB sound. IMHO Patti was added to the band to replace Steve's backing vocals. Nils voice is softer than Steve's. Patti can sing louder at a higher pitch. She replaced Steve adequately on 1984-5 versions of Out in the Street. The rest is history.
  6. Like Young Lovers Soundboard Edition, The Godfatherecords, G.R. 988/989/990
  7. Actually the recording that I'm thinking of is a "soundboard" on Godfather Records label.
  8. If we can't expect an official release from the Rising Tour, then I recommend the IEM from Florence June 8, 2003. The IEM is well balance. It isn't keyboard heavy like most Bruce IEM's. There is also an aud of average quality.
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