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  1. Here is 10-27-1980 The Mob From Freehold (Oakland) https://mega.nz/folder/qpYzzaJC#sEdnZsNbZifYuu6GXqfViw
  2. Right, that's it. I was wrong about it being 4 discs rather 6. Thanks so much!!
  3. Hi, does anyone have the complete 4 disc 'Giants Stadium 2009' soundboard/IEM of the 2009-10-02 and 2009-10-03 shows? Thanks in advance!
  4. I thought I would make this available if anyone is interested. This is my first attempt at such a project, so cut me some slack if its not perfect. But it's such a great show that I thought it was worth going out on a limb. Link is good for two weeks: 1975-02-23 Westbury Music Fair, Westbury, NY (Westbury Serenade - Kivak Fanatic - Speed Adjusted) https://mega.nz/folder/f4QFAYQJ#iQT_UAmEGxYDYQb-emgIfg The Fanatic Records Kivak master of this show was posted here recently. It runs slow in comparison to the Parrot CD The Greatest Performance. The Parrot appears to be speed and pitch-accurate in comparison to other shows of the same era. The Fanatic version is from same source recorder as the Parrot, but is supposedly from the master tape as it includes A Quarter to Three as well as the soundcheck which are missing on the Parrot. So I thought it would be worth the effort to fix the speed issues on the Fanatic version to produce a fully complete and hopefully pitch accurate version of this incredible show. I don't have the know-how or the tools to calculate the pitch or key of a recording. So I decided to use the Parrot as the reference for speed/tempo based on the timings, since it seems to be speed/pitch-consistent throughout. The speed on the Fanatic varies from about 8% slow in the early tracks to 5% towards the end, so there was no easy way to completely sync the two. So I used Audacity to compare identical segments within the tracks and then adjusted the speed using the total time difference for each track. This doesn't mean that I was able to sync the two perfectly, since the speed varies within each track and I adjusted what the average was, but it sounds pretty close. I adjusted A Quarter to Three and the soundcheck by ear comparing to other shows and did the best I could. I also normalized the volume to balance the channels, since the left was significantly loader than the right across all the tracks. Obviously, I've haven't restored the tempo and pitch 100%, but I think the results are much more listenable and ultimately it's a complete show and a slight upgrade over the Parrot. Hope you enjoy it.
  5. Thanks for confirming. I studied it a little further by comparing several other tracks and I found that the speed on the Parrot version seems fairly consistent throughout, but that Kivak seems to vary widely between 6 and 8% slow, sometimes within the same track. If it were the case that is was consistently running slow by the same amount throughout, then I could have adjusted it pretty easily. But its beyond my ability to fix it properly unfortunately. Not sure if anyone else here is able to apply a fix that would give it a constant speed/pitch.
  6. Thanks for uploading this. It is the Fanatic version and is identical as what was posted here last Friday which I believe runs quite slow.
  7. Thanks for the upload. But does anyone else agree that this runs really slow? Like as much as 8%, which would be about two thirds of a tone lower in pitch. The one uploaded here is the Fanatic transfer which, is claims to be from the Kivak master cassettes and of course adds the soundcheck. It sounds slightly clearer compared to a rip from my CD copy of The Greatest Performance' (Parrot), but it runs about 8% slower by comparison, e.g. Spirit in the Night from first note to last is 6:12 on the Parrot CD vs. 6:42! on this Fanatic copy as measured in Audacity. The tempo and pitch on the Parrot version is more in tune In comparison with other shows from that period (e.g. 2/5/75). I don't have the tools to do pitch comparison, but using Audacity to change the speed results in a 8.138% difference. Before I go off on a laborious and somewhat arbitrary attempt to adjust the speed using Audacity track by track, does anyone have a version of this which is pitch/tempo correct? If not, I am happy to post my revision here. Thanks.
  8. Ok, so here is the 2008 San Jose show with the gaps edited out. I used Audacity, carefully truncating only the end of each track. Files are tagged and includes all the artwork. 2008-04-05 San Jose Magic Night (CC 884-85) https://mega.nz/folder/XwpWyAQS#XA3NSFAomM4PguiEVGcrVA
  9. Thanks, but sorry, that one has gaps as well.
  10. I'm working on it now in Audacity. I will post it when I'm done. Thanks.
  11. Unfortunately, this rip of 2008-04-05 San Jose Magic Night CC 884-85 has a gap at the end of each track. Does anyone have a gap-less rip? Thanks.
  12. If you don't mind ALAC, here is 1975-08-15 “Punk Meets The Godfather “ (Godfather) https://mega.nz/folder/C9gDDagZ#Hk-u8mXgOpBFIc7nUzfyFg
  13. Uploading now, should be done in about 10 minutes: 2003-03-07 Atlantic City - The Tables Are Waiting (Uber Vol. 40) https://mega.nz/folder/b8ATDIIK#-lo28WN5Mdwk-vjPGqQtfA
  14. I believe that the 1980-12-18 Ghost Radio set is a copy of Kiss Me Its Christmas. The JEMS release of that night is a different and better recorder and much better quality overall. That one, and the JEMS from the following night are two of the best 1980 audience recordings. Let me know if you would like them and I will upload.
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