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  1. here the request of simongar.... https://mega.nz/folder/nhViTRZC#b56aAzr4Dgz2E7Seq3SvDQ cleveland 1988-03-13 (tape man joe master)
  2. if some of 1981 europe tour, i hope for Stockholm 1981-05-08......best show
  3. thanks to Simongar despite i prefer file Flac, all my collection is in Flac, but i think that file is not 27-11-82 but 17-10-78.... 27-11-82 play Twist and Shout in your file play Mona-Not Fade Away wich i think is 17-10-78 thanks anyway, continued my research..........it's ok too MP3 if not in Flac....
  4. 28-6-93 Tradewinds NJ (w.Clarence Clemons) https://mega.nz/folder/T1MygbJK#jhNd6Dni59235aJiP1OC8w 08-3-97 Tradewinds NJ (w.The Wallflowers) https://mega.nz/folder/OwNg1DRB#6UJ2-MaDlB1bM7ZsMnvVRw can someone help me with this club appearance: 27-11-82 club lingerie
  5. sorry for the delay, but my connession is slow today.... there he is 1988-03-16 Rosemont, IL - Taking Two Steps Back (Ev2) https://mega.nz/folder/yoUXkQQY#wkmSotFS9kt42Yxo8WiZpw
  6. i have 1988-03-16 taking two steps back (EV2), now i'm uploading....
  7. for LILBUD request: Paris april 18-19 1981 box set: https://mega.nz/folder/C81w2bKC#DSLW25F4O6qaFtolImnTrQ
  8. happy to do what the community likes....2 gems of JEMS!!! Tacoma 1984-10-17 JEMS https://mega.nz/folder/W1VglDKa#ySGt-y7JTOqSesmf8bdNdQ Tacoma 1984-10-19 JEMS https://mega.nz/folder/e4cGRZoL#3ZTWxFWRUhrLCvW--YzpiQ
  9. Many Thanks to Allsetcobrajet, SvZ Bandana, Monkinmotion and Lagoon to fulfill my request...... now remain to complete, 2 club appearance: 82-11-27 83-12-28
  10. Great, thank you veryvery much .......
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