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  1. Well... For everyone who was doubting if Bruce's voice was still holding up..... YES!!!
  2. @Lampi As a Rotterdammer myself I am kinda curious...That concert at the Doelen in 1996, was that a seated concert?
  3. Haha, not disappointed Daisey. Love it. Also love that you say "play whatever you want" assuming he will have a guitar with him. I didn't even think about that, but this expands my options....
  4. I was sitting on my balcony, some of his tunes in the background, when I started thinking: Yeah, so what if I would get an evening 1-on-1 with the man, over a couple of beers, on a barstool, in a nice old wooden pub... What would I do? What would I ask? What would he want to talk about? I wonder what would you guys ask him/say to him?
  5. Hope you’re doing well too. I completely agree with you. Especially the in the first part of the song his voice sounds weak. Yet, it does has a very special touch to it. A sound i haven’t heard from him before. So im hoping it is a ‘new’ kind of singing technique he is applying. Apart from that, i love how Chinatown is a typical Bleachers song and Dustland a typical Killers song and on both Bruce is stealing the show :).
  6. I discovered 'Girls in their summer clothes' when I was travelling for a bit in Asia. I remembered how special I thought it was that I discovered a song in which Bruce sang: "Big Bangkok shines!" (big bank clock chimes) While I was only a few hours away from Bangkok.
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