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  1. You're not the only one - Sam Fender
  2. Table For One - Courtney Marie Andrews
  3. Now that Fabio Jakobsen is back, I wonder if they even take him to the TDF next year. Even if, I do not think he is gonna be fast enough to win another stage, with Ewan and Groenewegen present. The 34 is gonna be the final score for Cav I think, which will make the myth in the future only bigger. The two recordholders Merckx and Cavendish....
  4. Well... For everyone who was doubting if Bruce's voice was still holding up..... YES!!!
  5. @Lampi As a Rotterdammer myself I am kinda curious...That concert at the Doelen in 1996, was that a seated concert?
  6. Haha, not disappointed Daisey. Love it. Also love that you say "play whatever you want" assuming he will have a guitar with him. I didn't even think about that, but this expands my options....
  7. I was sitting on my balcony, some of his tunes in the background, when I started thinking: Yeah, so what if I would get an evening 1-on-1 with the man, over a couple of beers, on a barstool, in a nice old wooden pub... What would I do? What would I ask? What would he want to talk about? I wonder what would you guys ask him/say to him?
  8. Hope you’re doing well too. I completely agree with you. Especially the in the first part of the song his voice sounds weak. Yet, it does has a very special touch to it. A sound i haven’t heard from him before. So im hoping it is a ‘new’ kind of singing technique he is applying. Apart from that, i love how Chinatown is a typical Bleachers song and Dustland a typical Killers song and on both Bruce is stealing the show :).
  9. I discovered 'Girls in their summer clothes' when I was travelling for a bit in Asia. I remembered how special I thought it was that I discovered a song in which Bruce sang: "Big Bangkok shines!" (big bank clock chimes) While I was only a few hours away from Bangkok.
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