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  1. I would say one of the biggest things I like about Bruce's music is that he's very ambiguous in what he's saying. If he made the purpose and meaning of his songs 100% clear and easy to interpret, then he'd be just another one of those commercially successful musicians with no meaningful lyrics. I'm not familiar with those other tunes that you mentioned, but there's some kind of purpose to them, whether he's describing the circumstances that lead to someone going out and killing, like those are all songs that had some kind of meaning to them. Paradise being off of the Rising probably had some kind of 9/11 motif hidden in there. I think every song of his has some kind of meaning and purpose, but it should be debated whether that purpose is good or not. There's plenty of songs by him that have a purpose but do absolutely nothing for me.
  2. My heart aches, this would be such an amazing thing to see but I'm gonna be out of town then. I truly hope someone will take video of not just bruce but the whole concert, i'm sure it's gonna be magical.
  3. Way too expensive. Would 100 times out of 100 rather see him perform with the band this summer. Saw it Dec. 2019 and it was a complete letdown, nowhere near the energy of an E Street Band concert
  4. Discord isn't my site, it's just I've created a server on the site. I like discord, it's a fun place to be
  5. I hope you all could join! We've had a couple people come in from here which has been really cool to see
  6. I can't guarantee it, but we have been looking for some mods lately so I'd be open to it!
  7. Ah I see--that makes sense as to why some people are skeptical.
  8. I'm not sure what you mean, this isn't my site. Discord is a community platform that allows you to make servers about people/topics you're interested in. I don't quite know what you mean about "tips" but I doubt that they're related to my server because it's fairly new
  9. Y'all might've remembered I posted something similar on this circuit a while back, but I'm here again to say, if anyone wants to join a really fun Bruce Springsteen discord server (unaffiliated with r/BruceSpringsteen) please do so! We have a ton of activities including a massive votes tournament on all of the Boss's songs, casual polls, a ton of awesome Bruce-themed roles and all in all a great place to talk to people about Bruce's music. Here is the link if anyone is interested: https://discord.gg/E8A68nJ4n6
  10. It's an online community where you can text and talk with a community of likeminded people! (kind of like this i suppose) but with more interactive activities I'd say
  11. E Street Nation! I come to you to invite you to a new Bruce Springsteen discord server, one that is small but growing. There's a ton of activities here including a custom Bruce trivia bot, awesome custom roles, levels, polls and a mega votes tournament to determine the best Bruce albums, concerts and songs. Most importantly it's also a great place to hang out with fellow Bruce fans and we hope you'll join us! https://discord.gg/XMqjdBbS
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