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  1. Hi Episode 26 of Bruce’s radio show on SiriusXM, titled “My Hometown “ will be broadcast this Wednesday at 10am. More details via https://www.njarts.net/my-hometown-will-be-theme-of-26th-bruce-springsteen-dj-show-on-siriusxm/
  2. Hi News literally off the press - Bruce is doing episode 25 of his radio show "My Home To Yours" on 21st July, 10am EST. It's on SiriusFM called "Frat Party" Details via https://www.njarts.net
  3. My wife is currently listening to the audiobook "Can't Stand Up For Falling Down" by veteran music journalist Allan Jones, about his time in the British music paper Melody Maker during the 1970s. Looking on the internet for the articles that he talks about, she came across these headline articles about Bruce, one from 1977 and the other from 1981, which the photo appeared on a cover of an album. I wondered if anyone knew if the articles are available online.
  4. "The Night time is the Right Time" will be the theme for the 24th edition of Bruce's radio show "From My Home To Yours". Broadcast on SiriusX satellite radio on 30th June, at 10 am EST, on EStreet radio channel (channel 20). Source: NJArts.net
  5. Postscript: Jimmy Carr is a well known British comedian and quiz show host, but I have never seen his programmes. The interviewer, Rob Brydon, another British comedian, played “Matt’s Dad”(the market trader) in the Blinded By The Light film a couple of years ago
  6. Hi! I found an hilarious article and clip of when British comedian Jimmy Carr invaded Bruce’s dressing room at a benefit concert in New York a few years ago http://www.chortle.co.uk/video/2021/06/24/48699/when_jimmy_carr_invaded_bruce_springsteen’s_dressing_room#.YNcaxPZAm3I.mailto
  7. Hi First time posting on here, but I came across an article announcing Bruce’s latest radio show on SiriusXM (via NJArts.net) is going to be on the 9th June, episode 23 called “Old Souls” at 9am, presumably eastern time.
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