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  1. Fascinating description— it just goes to show that photos alone cannot begin to capture the quality of venue, especially a natural one, with so many more variables than an indoor arena or outdoor stadium. If I absolutely am forced to see Springsteen outdoors, it looks like Magnetic Hill is the site. (Wouldn’t it be great if we could, just once in life, have a concert with people who come to listen—not have Springsteen as background? Can we find 10,000 of the hardcore devoted who can save their talking, drinking, eating, phone checking, and bathroom visiting for when they are home?)
  2. Good points. Planning many months in advance when the situation changes by the day is next to impossible. If Springsteen’s people book the venues now, it is merely an act of hope—backed up by the most thorough, and expensive, insurance policies in the history of concert tours. Someday we will find out the complex contingencies going on behind the scenes at this very minute. The desire of the band and the desire of the fans meets the force of Nature. If Bruce and the band, and his fans, were in their 30s, next year would not have the urgency. But he’s not, we’re not, and it does.
  3. Fascinating idea. The concept of residencies changes the complexion of the tour completely— perhaps some in ways that are actually better. Would this make for more attentive audiences? With much less travel, would this make for better performances? thoughts?
  4. Thanks— gives us a rough idea what to expect and when.
  5. Your writing is exquisitely evocative of the tranquil beauty of rural Sweden and a prime example of how music and lyrics are wonderfully abstract, open to infinite interpretations. I love the calm aspects of Nature you describe and I love the album Nebraska, but for me, they could not be more different in emotion. Perhaps it helps for the listener to understand depression, and family mental illness, from the inside, but the world of Nebraska, of Springsteen himself, as we now know from his book, interviews, and his Broadway show, is turbulent, tormented, bitter, cold, hard and black- the references to Nature in the lyrics only a counterpoint to the complete despair within, the horror of the human mindscape. Alienation and isolation without much hope. “There’s a meanness in this world” ”Some people just ain’t no good” “Our sins lie unatoned” Your compatriot, perhaps the greatest filmmaker of all time put it best in two of his titles: “through a glass darkly” and “winter light” Or, as one of my compatriots wrote: “most people live lives of quiet desperation” The quiet surface is deceptive, sometimes misleading observers, purposely directing them away from the inner desperation. Do you know the poem “Richard Cory”? It is most instructive on the power of surfaces to beguile and betray. We can agree on the beauty. There is beauty in hard truth. The harder the truth, the more intense beauty.
  6. Thank you to everyone who answered with such passion, and positive, helpful detail to my question about favorite concert cities. As a follow up, I’d like to get a sense of the informed opinion/ educated guesses about these burning questions: Based on the demand in each market, past patterns of tours... 1. Given the demand, what are the chances of non-summer arena appearances in North America and Europe? (If given a choice, the intimacy of an arena is preferable to stadiums) 2. What is the expected length of the tour and begin/ end dates? Granted, when trying to answer these questions, past your patterns can only be of limited help. As of now, there are four exceptional factors to take into consideration: the pent-up demand based on the 6 or 7 year E Street Band hiatus, demand and booking availability from the general worldwide lack of concerts for many months, the need for rest days for band members in their 70s, and, regrettably, the possibility of disruption based on lingering virus variants. thank you!
  7. Of course, nearly 37 years later, we know why Bruce chose this moment, 1985, to speak in character, the only time he has ever done so on the concert stage. At least we thought it was in character. From his own autobiography and interviews, it is now clear that he was speaking as himself— at the summit of success that exceeded his dreams, approaching the white hot fame of his idols Elvis and the Beatles, yet more isolated, more unhappy than ever, soon to hurry into a desperate marriage with a woman with whom he had nothing in common, enacting the doomed relationship of the song, a man consumed by his own brain chemicals. As Springsteen has said several times, his joy on stage always belies “the abyss that is at my heels” “It was hard to explain to her that when I drove and when I won was the only time that I felt good about myself. To have one thing just one thing in life that makes you feel good. That’s not too much to ask. Is it?” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BNHRMvLrE3U
  8. I am new here and I have a question. My apologies if it has been asked before. I have a fiancée who has never seen Springsteen. The sands of time being what they are, this upcoming tour is a precious experience for us to share. Given this rarity, we wish for a gathering of people as committed to the experience as the musicians, an audience that proves it all night. So, we need your advice. If given a choice to be in the pit in one city in North America and one city anywhere else in the world, which would you choose and why? Thank you!
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