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  1. it is difficult to respond positively at the moment. But let me say, we can already keep an eye on the fact that there may be 1 headliner in 2023 for festivals Pinkpop Netherlands, TW Classic (Werchter) Belgium and for Mad Cool Spain as a possibility
  2. event permit application has been withdrawn, so there will be no concert in Landgraaf Netherlands juni 12 2022. and yes, it was to be Bruce! https://www.limburger.nl/cnt/dmf20220106_93875892 translation : It was still a big secret: Bruce Springsteen on Sunday 12 June in Landgraaf. However, the license application was withdrawn on Wednesday. The superstar has canceled his European tour.
  3. Stones could end up in GelreDome Arnhem, i guess. There will be a big show announcement for GelreDome late this month, a Dutch promotor says (link in Dutch). With the June 12 rumour already floating around for Springsteen, I don't think the date was planned for The Stones. Next to that, keeping an eye on Frankfurt Germany date June 10th for The Boss. It's only 3 hour drive Frankfurt Germany to Landgraaf Netherlands. That would be a perfect fit.
  4. in The Netherlands, the Pinkpop organization has applied for a permit for a "mega open air concert" on its Megaland location in Landgraaf, 12-06-2022? Would be at the festival site a week before the festival?
  5. I heard that too Bruce has been replaced by Helene Fisher poster
  6. about the billboard. on German forums people are confirming it's seen in multiple places in Frankfurt. Oh My God!!!!!!!! i myself can't even believe it! is it realy happening!
  7. in Germany it's way past lunch time... Spilling beer maybe. Or Jagermeister befor bedtime
  8. let's hope it's good news soon then. i'll guess not untill january?
  9. imo they are saying "5 days" not "5th day"... so i'm not that convinced
  10. the Mad Cool Festival has some other acts to announce as well. don't think it will be usefull info to us?
  11. i think i'll check back on this forum in about a month... let's say in 2022 or so
  12. the people who have seen it, say it's deleted... edit: could be because the german ticketseller was to soon or the covid made the announcement delayed ones more
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